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A Mermaid’s Tail..



It is said the Aegean Sea is full of mermaids that can sink ships and lure sailors to their doom, including 3000 Oceanids, the mythical daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys and the singing Sirens from the Odyssey.


What is true is that daughter Bella has been enraptured by them for some time, and when her spells (see above and here) didn’t work she resorted (as all modern girls would) to the magic of the internet…


Swiftly followed by the alchemy of then gently twisting her father around her little finger..


In secret cahoots, because they knew I don’t approve of presents without reasons (I’m told it was because she had a good school report..hmmmmmmm) they ordered their bounty (I think from a German website, but this site is the only one I can find that has both the mermaid suit and the shark fin that they sportingly added for Charlie…)


(Except he really wanted to be a mermaid too..)



Mysteriously enchanting, I have to confess, she took to it like a fish to water…particularly evocative was when she dived down and there was a flash of red hair and orange tail, just like the real Little Mermaid brought to life…


┬áNow I can’t wait to see the reaction when she tries out in the local pool here…..!

Laters, Kate x