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Just do it x

There are so many things in life that we accept without questioning.  Like swimwear.

Since the days of Bridget Bardot the bikini has represented power to women in a media hyped objectified way that has ultimately resulted in the cult of Kim Kardashian.  Aren’t we lucky.

But maybe there’s a different path.  I spotted one of these at my local pool last week and thought wow!

Not worn for the beach but worn for purpose because it works and makes life easier.

Can’t go swimming because you’re concerned about your bikini line? Problem sorted.  Just swim.

Laters, Kate x

With a wink and a grin x


Perfect timing..we’re on a sandy beach under the blazing sun, so a cossie to make you smile!



One that makes you look twice..7af54984c3be61f2b96b19b6bdbb9361 de1dffc356826c8299d70b6138c26266

(All costumes by Marysia Swim)

Because the beauty is in the detail..

Laters, Kate x

Russian Ad..

You can’t beat a bit of Sunday fun…Sometimes claimed as a Russian tampax ad, this is apparently a cleverly ‘adapted’ scene from the Farrely Brother’s ‘Movie 43’.  Whatever it is, it reminded me of summer. I jumped. Then I laughed.

Laters, Kate x