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Babe-li-cious x


Time..the beast that no man can stop.  It’s almost the end of summer term, which has nearly the same madness of Christmas with it’s particular frenzy of Sports Days, concerts, exhibitions, class parties and Prize Days.  The children finally break up on Thursday, we leave for three days glamping on Friday (yay!), arrive back on Monday..kids leave with their Grandparents for Greece on the Tuesday…(we leave the following week).  It feels a bit like being in a tumble dryer. Or a piece of bread dough being pulled and pushed.


And I still need to get my swimwear sorted…I don’t think I’ll ever move away from the retro look..


It was designed for curves..

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Best I’ve found so far are from Bettylicious..Great shapes, fab prints.

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(Pictures from Bettylicious and Pinterest)

Now it’s just a matter of committing to one quickly as Sports Day starts at 9.30…

Laters, Kate x