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So Far..


The plan this sumer is to find the perfect beach dress within a reasonable budget, made with the ravishing timbre of towelling.  Apart from the lux offering of Lisa Marie (sigh), this picture above represents the biggest research success so far – it’s called a surf dress – which makes total sense: practical and for a purpose.  The downside is that it’s not symmetrical (sadly I’m a sucker for 2 patch pockets or one large, central kangaroo pouch), it’s from Australia and personally, I’d like a longer version.  But the price is good: £47.43 plus postage, so if anyone’s interested it comes from here. Now I know these dresses are a genre I’ve looked at other surf dresses, but infuriatingly, they’re either made from fleece, covered in logos or they don’t have the v-neck..and that v-neck is crucial…it’s what stops it from being a sack.


Then I thought: just concentrate on the utilitarian shape – what’s appealing is the boxy shape with the neck-line and the pockets..which is just like a painters or fisherman’s smock…then elongate for a dress.
140de4e5c0e82794739f38b17443228aAnd they’re pretty totes-amaze just as a summer top..imagine with a pair of cut off denim shorts?..this one is from..wait for it..Amazon! at £27.48..bargain..! The lacing is divine..as is the pocket.


I think they would work..except I can’t find a pattern..


These are my top pattern picks so far..a possibility..


Liking the pouch..worried the shapes not square enough..and it’s a vintage 6-8.


Would ‘A’ work in towelling??

Slowly it’s starting to make sense – it’s good to highlight what you love and want..but it’s still a work in progress..

Laters, Kate x

Life’s a Beach.. x


My personal crush with Lisa Marie Fernandez started last year with her delicious towelling cover-ups.  This season she doesn’t disappoint…easy, breezy summer dresses with perfect proportions and edible edging.

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There’s more cheeky towelling..



(All Lisa Marie Fernandez pictures from Matches and Net-a-porter)

And the cutest bikini ever..Fernandez manages to walk that sophisticated but essential line between utilitarian and chic…in a fabulous pair of gladiators with no sign of foot-slap or lace louche…

original_Hooded Beach Robes

I still love the whole idea of towelling as summer clothes.  Why isn’t it more popular? It’s the summer beach dress that’s missing from my wardrobe..that sense of something warm and cuddly to throw on when you’re trying to eek out the last few hours of a perfect summers day, that magical time the dusk starts to draw in and shadows lengthen and a g’n’t tastes especially good..I’ve looked for cheaper brands but there’s very little..unless you’re a child…never thought I’d be jealous of childrens’ clothes…but take away the polka dots and I am.

This is the second year I’ve lusted after the impossible, so this time I have a cunning and devious plan because where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Watch this space..

Laters, Kate x

Beach-Chic x



As fast as lycra came in towelling went out..but surely it’s time for a resurgence?


These gorgeous throws by Lisa Marie Fernandez are like a retro cocktail on a beautiful beach at sunset.


A total change in tone from the normal summer lightweight cotton…


The heavier, softer material only  adds to their natural charm and gravitas.


This one reminiscent of Grace Kelly..just add big sunnies and a head scarf for a barefoot stroll into another life..

431514_fr_xl 431514_bk_xl 431514_ou_xl

Who thought towelling could be so alluring?

Laters, Kate x