Sun Rocking..


If you’re wanting to uncover your inner Bond girl this summer, Australian label Duskii – designed for swimmers, surfers, divers, sailors and beautiful beach babes – maybe just the one for you..


(This style plus others are on sale NOW at Net-a-porter..)

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(Unfortunately the perfectly pert buttocks aren’t included)


If you’re liking the neoprene look but not the designer price tag, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with and their range of bikinis.c523428c916caffc41d04e7b05d73ab9 a78b30e2918ca410cfe792554253d435

They’re not in the same league, but at £28 for a set…it’s hard to go wrong.

If you’ve got it.  Flaunt it.

Laters, Kate x



  1. abbiosbiston

    I fear my ridicuolous breasts would be more than any of these cute little tops could handle.

  2. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie)

    You can really tell that these have been designed to look awesome and actually be practical. That swim suit is perfect! I do love the South Beach Official ones as well. I could do with bottoms that have tiny legs in like shorts briefs as I do not have that bottom either!