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With a wink and a grin x


Perfect timing..we’re on a sandy beach under the blazing sun, so a cossie to make you smile!



One that makes you look twice..7af54984c3be61f2b96b19b6bdbb9361 de1dffc356826c8299d70b6138c26266

(All costumes by Marysia Swim)

Because the beauty is in the detail..

Laters, Kate x

The Results!..


So this is our attempt at Tree Change Dolls..we were lucky that it was a gorgeous day (summer is on the way!) and we had Bella’s lovely friend Maya to help us.  These were the dolls as they started (Charlie doll was given a reprieve as we thought he was rather pretty!)(Thankfully, we had a spare doll..)


First job was to take their faces off, which we did with the nail varnish remover – you let it soak for a bit and then wipe.


It takes off a fair bit, but does leave smudges (and avoid getting the remover anywhere else on the dolls as it starts peeling away the plastic..as we learnt to our detriment..)

IMG_4707 IMG_4704

For the rest and the harder marks, we used eucalyptus oil..and lots of elbow grease..you just have to keep rubbing hard! But I’ve now learnt the power of eucalyptus oil..my bin has never smelt so fragrant..


And we managed it!

IMG_4700 IMG_4699

Then they all had a wash..


(Although certain members of the party became more interested in the bubbles..)

IMG_4702 IMG_4698

After that it was time for the paint..the most exciting, but also the most nerve wracking bit.  We used acrylic paints and Derwent watercolour pencils.  What I would recommend is finding some really good, tiny paint brushes.  Ours were kiddies ones which we then trimmed down with scissors..but it is precise work and the better your paint brush, the better the result.  At this point, I will confess..we lost the majority of the children..they went off to play..


Not that it mattered..the mummies were more than happy to lose themselves over eyeballs! It was engrossing work..highly therapeutic we decided!


Big brother Alex was also game..so lovely to see..he just saw it as an Art project and was more than happy to get stuck in.



The finer details were done with the pencils – you dip them in water and then they work well on the plastic.


Bella with Bella..


This is Sophie’s doll (Maya’s mummy)


Who was then dressed at home!


I made a little dress for Bella..but we still have the feet to go..it all takes time!

Just doing it all for the first time was a learning curve.  Time whizzes by..which is always a good sign.  The painting is tough and particularly hard for the kids – but it was a great project to all do together.  We intend to do another creative day soon to make the feet and more clothes.  All in all, to be highly recommended!  If you want to try yourself, there are loads of really good tutorials on Youtube..good luck!

Laters, Kate x