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Wool and the Gang x


Wool and the Gang was born to find the best way to produce fashion..namely by hand…your hands..(or if you’re really nervous..someone else’s)



It’s a quirky, sustainable reaction to the fast fashions of our generation that says stop, think..and make something special that lasts whilst reducing stress and improving dexterity.


You can either purchase complete kits to make yourself..or a separate price is given for a ready made item where you can support fellow ‘Gangsta’s’ by buying their handmade pieces.


There’s different levels for various abilities..and options for men, children and the home too…even crochet.


Wool is a favourite yarn, but they also work with fashion factories to repurpose their fashion waste into new yarns to reduce landfill.


Clever eh?


It was founded by three women: Designers Aurelie Popper and Jade Harwood met while studying textile design at Central Saint Martins in London, after which they went onto work at Alexander McQueen and Balmain.  Third member is Elisabeith Sabrier, former model, world traveller and yarn lover.


It’s the kind of stuff you you really want to make.



And now there’s no excuse..

Laters, Kate x

Style Steal x


Cashmere: That hint of luxury associated with both sophistication and artisanal cool.


Now there’s a new label on the fashion block – run by a woman, Marielle, and based in London, Wyse London offers refined classics with a modern edge that really sing.


So simple..but check out the cuffs.


…And the elbow patches..


Or this take on a slouchy well-loved sweatshirt..


The beauty is in the cut, the details…and the can fall, and considering the quality..not be caught by it…they range from £130-150.

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I want to do this and eat them up.

Laters, Kate x

Forever Party!

sarah-owen-vintage blouse-and-skirt vi4 phil-oh-for-vogue-magazine-london-fashion-week-street-style-yasmin-sewell-ediotr-style-oversized-blue-knit-sweater-long-black-maxi-skirt-color-block-aqua-acne-alice-platform-heels article-1170155-047AC54C000005DC-977_468x704 zara-sweaters-giuseppe-zanotti-skirts~look-index-middle 71fdb23bbdd9d3b5cf6b7e7eeb914e52 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

(All photos from tumblr)

It’s not what you wear…it’s the way that you wear it…

Laters, Kate x

Unrequited Love..


(Photo from Vogue, taken by Karim Sadil of Sasha Pivovarova)

How much do I love this jumper? Let me count the ways…impeccable diction, great bones, classic monochrome, exquisite texture…it grabs you with the first 1940’s-mashed-with-1980’s reference and refuses to let go: A stylish classic with a sea-change of direction.

Styled with white pleated trousers and the Celine inspired one-earing, it’s deadpan coolness with a wink.

My love is hard to hold back..and impossible to shake off..If only I knew who designed it..

Laters, Kate x

Toast x


The new Toast Lookbook is a world of languid self-possession with sleepy knowing eyes.

AW14_book4_11_ALT AW14_book4_39 AW14_book4_01

The pastel colours inform the story..


The dark silhouette packs a punch.

AW14_book4_43_ALT AW14_book4_13

Simple, durable, classy classics..



They’re also having a fabulous Archive Sale – but be warned, things go fast..

 Laters, Kate x

Free Wheeling..


Oh the yin and yang of life..Did you know Kate Spade’s done a collaboration with Gap?


Children’s gap..


But is a bag size aware??

cn8871466 cn8823148

What size is XXL?


And how much can gloves stretch?


There’s always the fast approaching present list to think of..(or not)


And she’s not forgotten the boys – all of which Charlie and Bella would happily wear..

cn8833423 cn8848850 cn8833468

…But not till I’ve tried them on first…

Laters, Kate x

M for Masterful.. x



Wish I had one of these delicious jumpers by M Missioni in my wardrobe today – particularly that blue/green boxy slouch on the right.  Sigh.  It’s a double-whammy day  – I’m co-hosting a coffee morning for all the residents of our road (writing it down makes it sound like something out of an urban episode of the Archers..) so there’s a pressure to find something half decent to wear..and the weather has literally turned over night – wet, cold and blustery – which is unfortunate as the wardrobe planning has yet to catch up – Birks just don’t cut it through the puddles..Catalogo_Winter_2014_1617 HDA903A0_MM2577F_227_02


London has a reputation of not being friendly, but I’ve never found it to be the case..I’ve always loved where I’ve lived.  Lately we’ve had huge movement on the street with friends moving out and new people moving in..which doesn’t make it miss those that have gone and it almost feels traitorous to welcome their ‘replacements’ with open arms…but life must go on… HDA903F5_MM2575_013_01 HDA903F5_MM2575_715_01 HDA903A0_MM2577F_227_01


So I need to go to sit on the end of my bed to ponder a bit more and hope for a flash of divine inspiration..preferably before 8 o’clock when we leave for school..I was hoping to squeeze in a swim before it all kicks off..up to 32 lengths now…but somehow that feels unlikely…


Laters, Kate x

Bohemian Rhapsody x


(Isabel Marrant – Shannon jacquard knit wool blend poncho)

Think boho and immediately summer and freedom spring to mind.  But there’s a seasonal boho too that captures the warmth of open fires, fallen leaves and crisp mornings..


(Emilio Pucci – fringe jacquard knit turtleneck cape)

Poise, power and grace..the colours and textures inform the story: an inspired heritage of folk songs, earthy cowboys and fantasy indians all creatively mixed up with a little bit of Mexico and South America..


(Emilio Pucci – embellished flocked twill jacket)


(Burberry Porsum – Intarsia knitted blanket coat)


(Isabel Marrant – Adil hooded striped blanket coat)


(Burberry Porsum – Wool blend tapestry boots)

Twinkle toes for the closing in nights..


(Nicholas Kirkwood & Peter Pilotto leather and suede pumps)

There’s a whispered joy in watching the leaves dance whilst being snuggled up and letting the world walk on by..

Laters, Kate x

Kule x


Kule – not a clever play on words, but designer Nikki Kule’s highly appropriate name.

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Offering a modern, classic luxury, ‘preppy luxe’ aesthetic thats easy on the eye and edgy in look.


 It sits perfectly in that aspirational ‘smart casual’ part of the wardrobe..that essential area that’s surprisingly hard to fill…

Mi piace.. xxx

Scotland Calling..


No joke..since the remains of Hurricane Bertha blew through, the temps in London have kept falling..we were down to single figures this morning – but it does make looking at autumn clothes that much easier…


Like the new, vibrant ready-to-wear collection by Barrie, the historic Scottish cashmere manufacturer now owned by Chanel.


Chanel purchased Barrie Knitwear in 2012 saving the jobs of all 176 employees when it went into administration at a time when it seemed mass-produced synthetic fibres would rule the world.


This is their first ready-to-wear collection, designed by Odile Massuger and it magically weaves all the best elements both Companies have to give: Quality, luxury (3 fleeces used per jumper), care (they bathe their yarn in Sottish river water to make it softer) and cutting-edge design that’s allowed to take risks: clashing colours and mashing patterns..camo with fair isle, modern with old..

011951770002_1Take this scarf...the front..



But lets not forget the back..all in all, it’s an incredible, edible combination..

Laters, Kate x