Gucci SS14 x


This sinks into your bones like fairy dust.

wg_ss14_campaign_main_3_web_1column wg_ss14_campaign_main_4_web_1column

A flavour of the eighties except the more conventional ending flashes past.

wg_ss14_campaign_main_5_web_1column wg_ss14_campaign_main_6_web_1column

A silky intensity exuding pure class, you get a sense of high..and those shoes certainly help…

wg_ss14_campaign_main_7_web_1column wg_ss14_campaign_main_8_web_1column wg_ss14_campaign_main_15_web_1column

It’s like catching fire..

Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    Very luscious and rich. The biting into a plum and having the juices explode out. I love the saturated colors and hints of Art Nouveau.

  2. The Fashion Huntress

    I’m not always a Gucci fan- some of the prints are a bit “hard looking” to me, if that makes any sense- but I really like this collection. The colors are beautiful gem tones and the prints have a nice geometric feel to them!