M for Masterful.. x



Wish I had one of these delicious jumpers by M Missioni in my wardrobe today – particularly that blue/green boxy slouch on the right.  Sigh.  It’s a double-whammy day  – I’m co-hosting a coffee morning for all the residents of our road (writing it down makes it sound like something out of an urban episode of the Archers..) so there’s a pressure to find something half decent to wear..and the weather has literally turned over night – wet, cold and blustery – which is unfortunate as the wardrobe planning has yet to catch up – Birks just don’t cut it through the puddles..Catalogo_Winter_2014_1617 HDA903A0_MM2577F_227_02


London has a reputation of not being friendly, but I’ve never found it to be the case..I’ve always loved where I’ve lived.  Lately we’ve had huge movement on the street with friends moving out and new people moving in..which doesn’t make it easy..you miss those that have gone and it almost feels traitorous to welcome their ‘replacements’ with open arms…but life must go on… HDA903F5_MM2575_013_01 HDA903F5_MM2575_715_01 HDA903A0_MM2577F_227_01


So I need to go to sit on the end of my bed to ponder a bit more and hope for a flash of divine inspiration..preferably before 8 o’clock when we leave for school..I was hoping to squeeze in a swim before it all kicks off..up to 32 lengths now…but somehow that feels unlikely…


Laters, Kate x


  1. Lia in Brussels

    What!? Who said London is not friendly? I think London is one of the most friendly, easy going and cool places right now. And who makes it so? You, beautiful people who live in it, that’s who! XXX

  2. dievca

    Go for that swim even if you have to make it shorter — you will feel better and you can figure out an outfit as you catch your rhythm. NYC was cooler and now it is back to warm…I cannot keep up. “Layering” is becoming my middle name and I agree with Lia, I have never deemed London as unfriendly. Believe it or not, NYC isn’t unfriendly — they are just in a hurry. XO

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I shot myself in the foot..couldn’t find my purse! Had to run with just my keys and come back..then wanted to buy some flowers so spent the rest of the time trying to find purse..arggghhhh! And I’ve just done a huge spring clean..argh argh argh..it’s always the little things that are sent to drive us mad xxx