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Bag Boys…


Hero designs are those that fill multiple purposes and still manage to look the dog’s wobblies each time.


Like the Model M bag, hot on my personal wish list for a top totty present.c88905490d4f3195338d1d2ef252c84c

Made from fashion-flex – a posh name for a proprietary polymer (your guess is as good as mine) it’s resilient, lightweight and equally at home in the urban jungle or on a sun-drenched beach.



Those living in the States are laughing – it’s a mere frugal designer $120 dollars for you – which somehow translates into £125 for us Brits if you buy from Liberty London.

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Might be worth doing the transatlantic shipping cost maths…..or dropping a note to Santa and his sleigh….


Laters, Kate x

Style Steal x


Cashmere: That hint of luxury associated with both sophistication and artisanal cool.


Now there’s a new label on the fashion block – run by a woman, Marielle, and based in London, Wyse London offers refined classics with a modern edge that really sing.


So simple..but check out the cuffs.


…And the elbow patches..


Or this take on a slouchy well-loved sweatshirt..


The beauty is in the cut, the details…and the price..you can fall, and considering the quality..not be caught by it…they range from £130-150.

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I want to do this and eat them up.

Laters, Kate x

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star x




Theodora Ware is about the dignity of good design with a fair price – £40 for these beauties.


How much would I love to find a pair of these nestling in my stocking on Christmas day?


There’s nothing shallow or ugly – it’s strong, simple, classic and timeless with just enough attitude for a pair of lacewing flights of fancy..and a little edge..

black+v2 IMG_0199web

The sort of pieces I want to treasure forever..

Laters, Kate x

Swarm x


Over the next few months The Husband and I are planning a little re-vamp of our house:  We bought it over ten years ago as two flats and have spent much of that time doing various pretty major structural projects whilst juggling two babies.  Now it’s finally the time to give it a bit of a silky lustre and add those finishing touches – the fun bits I’ve been waiting oh-so-long-for – like finding a stained glass panel for the front door where the council security glass still remains..oh joy unbounded!


It means I’ve been spending far too long in our downstairs toilet where the old interior design mags live – I’m following the principal that if it’s old and I still like it, it’s passed the ‘test of time’ test with flying colours and will last forever more.  It was in a 2011 edition of Elle Decoration I found a small article about the artist Leslie Oschmann which caught my eye – she uses old canvases to make bags or to cover vintage chairs before sealing them with protective lacquer..


I love her whole aesthetic..taking something and making it more beautiful and useful.  Each piece exuding character and warmth.  These chairs make my heart sing.


Leslie originally came from the States where she worked with Companies such as Anthropologie before she took a complete life-style change, moving to Amsterdam, buying a bike and starting her own studio Swarm.

 ‘I learnt that I needed to get back to touching objects, not just trying to display or sell them..I missed the tactile’


What she does epitomises everything I love and want to embrace – classic, timeless quirky ideas with a touch of age used with care to make something both practical and beautiful that serenely stands out.


Shouldn’t be too hard then………

Laters, Kate x

And the livin’ is easy x


The beautiful wrought-iron gates of summer, with their warm, lilting voice are slowing swinging open.  I can no longer bear to wear socks, but I’m still shocked my feet can blister each year.


MiH Jeans have captured that mysterious, lazy time where clouds disappear, clocks stand still and insects quietly buzz.


 Where clothes are worn for nostalgia, comfort and love.  And yet you look your best.


Loose, casual layers, ready to be peeled away as the heat rises.  Or returned, when the sun sinks slowly away.  Cosying up to glowing fires and the rich smell of smoke whilst holding a glass of something wonderful.


 Do I want to be there?



The answer, my friend, is Blowin’ in the wind…It’s gently blowin’ in the warm, sultry wind.

Dreaming, Kate x




Lighting the Way x


In my dreams there’s an Abigail Ahern chandelier hanging over my dining room table.  Scrap that – we’re talking dreams..they’ll be two! (and a reinforced ceiling) This one has my heart – it’s made from tiny squares of porcelain that would gently glow on a dark winters night. But at £15,050 a light (the extra £50 tickles my sensibilities) it remains firmly on the once-I’ve-won-the-lottery-lust-list…


There’s also this one (at a mere £2,750) which makes me want to break open the kid’s air-drying clay and get creative.  The truth is Abigail’s whole aesthetic has me squealing..the dark, brooding colours with the unexpected pops of colour, the quirky touches and an underlining sense of humour that spontaneously brings forth a smile of pure pleasure.


So it’s rather wonderful that she’s teamed up with Debenhams to design a range especially for them…


I laugh!


For the study?


Guarding the front door?


(This one is on her website but not on the Debenhams one yet..I hope he does appear as I love him and his dark purple lampshade..imagine on two bedside cabinets either side of a glamourous french rococo bed?..sigh)


This is when Designer versus High Street works..when there’s a symbiotic relationship that we can all feel inspired by rather than a parasitical one that destroys as it feeds.

And at £85 a light?

Bring it on!

Laters, Kate x