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At Last!

And as if from nowhere the weather in London has changed to summer – 27 degrees predicted for today which proves we are a nation of extremes:  No time to wear-in sandals or pack away winter woollies before the clouds clear and brilliant sunshine pours down which means discovering where the best summer dresses are hiding is a no-brainer.

First port of call for me is always Freepeople because they manage hit a particular sweet spot and offer a high summer aesthetic that still looks good in a City or on a beach.

Their boho ranges from just thrown on hand embroidered artisan creations to the more structured you-could-even-wear-this-as-a-wedding-dress gorgeous offerings.

(All pics Freepeople, all links Pinterest)

Just pass me the sunscreen and a credit card…

Laters, Kate x

Eclipse x

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As I’m writing this we’re close to a partial eclipse in London – unfortunately the weather is not co-operating, the clouds are thick and low.  With minutes to go it’s definitely darker…the sort of dark that precedes a cracking thunder storm..or the moon cutting out the sun..and I can just imagine these boho babes from Etro SS15 somewhere green and verdant, dancing barefoot in the grass..because the green is always brighter on the other side..


Laters, Kate x

Shoe Fantasies..

balmainspringsummer2012accessories3Balmain SS12: A whole new level of voyeur porn..

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Just add a bit of boho..


Kristen Stewart style cornrows..


(all pictures from Tumblr)

And you’re good to hit…the street.

Laters, Kate x

Coachella 2014



Coachella: A place for people to unshowily declare themselves.




To turn up and have fun like a wild drive through the night whilst still standing in a circle of friends.




To sing, play, dance and listen and put a distance from the real world.  Just for a little bit.



Personally, it’s the Coachella Art Studios that would have my name on them – the craft themes this year are: Paper, re-cycled materials, fashion, camp improvement (!) and a banter booth!



You can make a head wrap, get stuck into clay and even draw stranger portraits – love this: Sit down on opposite sides of an artists easel with a stranger and draw each other – get to know the other person through the process by using provided interview questions to break the ice..or just chat! The result is a portrait each and a new friend..result!



The Afterlife is a place to go to give birth to new objects from old…a broken inner bicycle tube? It becomes a wallet. Plastic bags? material! I’d never leave..




For the first time ever there’s even a Quiltchella..a communal quilt in the making..they need you Kerry and Nikki!




(All photos by Annie powers from Style.com)

The next Festival is 18-20 April…only in my dreams will I be there….But one day, when the kids have flown the nest and I’m in my dotage I’m going to dress up in flowing purple robes and a mighty turban and laugh and dance and do it all till the sun rises again…Promise.

Laters, Kate x