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Maybe it’s because they don’t have boobs. Maybe it’s because their clothes are more of a uniform with less choice. Maybe it’s because layering is something they’ve always done. But heck, when men get it right, they smoke.

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I want some of what they got.

Laters, Kate x

Centre Half: Scarf


Friday marks midsummer.  Try telling that to the clouds, the rain, the wind and the temperature.  It’s the pay back and karma for last summer.  But it still hurts.  Maybe that’s why I’m loving the colour, the fluidity and the fun of men wearing silk scarves.

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It just brightens the day.

Laters, Kate x

B is for Breton..


If all the cover stories are to be believed, stripes are going to be the big thing this summer.  It’s quite refreshing after the years they’ve spent in the fashion wilderness, rejected for allegedly making all who wear them immediately 2 stone heavier.  But now loose clothing and comfort are the holy grails of choice, stripes have been welcomed back to the fold with open arms.  Hurrah! But top of my list for and ripe purchase is not for me – but for The Husband – I love the thought of a man in a Breton top, with faded jean, a loose navy cotton jacket and a pair of dark shades..


Not that it’s a new idea..Picasso’s top of choice..



A rather young Mick Jagger..


James Dean – added for beauty – could’ve done without the collar..



Goes to show –  sometimes the old ideas are the best…

Laters, Kate x