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Long to belong x


Is the long winter, oversized eighties era coat finally coming back?


Apart from their ability to gather up leaves whilst walking down steps.  It’s a huge thumbs up from here.

Laters, Kate x

The Obsession Continues..

0.365x365Navajo Blanket Coats are not the only fruit.  An integral part of Canada’s fashion history is the Hudson Bay Blanket Coat..they hit you right in the imagination..gotta love those pockets..

tumblr_ldp3xhqU5H1qejw1ro1_r1_500(Photo from http://www.geekychic.ca)

As an example of love, craftsmanship, necessity and creative courage they are genius.


Looking through pictures you’ll find each one just a little bit different.


Such a simple idea that still packs a punch. Check out www.pointblankets.com for more historical information.

FXRM8P8A.B 200945812648_1But I likey this tartan blanket coat too with it’s clever use of the fringing.  $T2eC16FHJHgFFmEJFrZfBR7dP+jKSQ~~60_103And that zip-off collar…sigh

Now..where are my scissors……..

Laters, Kate x