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It’s Started..


Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat.  Except it isn’t..but the insidious creep is appearing on my peripheral vision like the ink from a frightened octopus.  I bought my first stocking fillers today…and faced head on the yearly mental anguish of the inner childs excitement for presents versus materialistic waste and the accumulation of useless stuff.  I still haven’t got a solution to square the circle – how to appear less Ebenezer, more Mathew Cuthbert?  Except possibly to buy less, buy better, buy clever.  With this in mind I found myself on this site – Life of Jay – which, though I didn’t realise it at the time, caters primarily for men which they don’t presume to be all sports mad. It genuinely has some interesting stuff..(though does it work if it’s still classed as ‘stuff?’ Sigh)a9e614fc97f4369d248d9a9fe0a7cb30 151684dfc88066f07bdd76147885af75

But who can say no to good stylish storage?2971590bd4592dbc6bf68d5ae9ba6efa 661c81ba4c29902d30360e452463ea63

Or a retro notebook for the jottings of the block buster you know they want to write.58ba4e53ebebe5e2c9e598bb31778ba4 But then I see a silly tin toy rabbit and want to pop it in my basket. Why??af42345a77900a88c2b15e28cd66a16b
They have these which are clever – a retro tin..8d41d761792aab5ca906accdbb0ede27 Containing the bits you think you need.  Except I’d pay more if the interior wasn’t made of plastic..


This appeals: A reusable teabag robot. Who doesn’t need that on a cold morning?


And I love their lab style storage jars.


(All pictures Life of Jay)

Then side tracked by a cunningly designed pizza cutter…

And I’m failing and falling already..

Laters, Kate x

Happy New Year! xxx


But before that..did you have a lovely Christmas?


We did.  Ignoring the fact it’s the first fake one ever to grace this house, we even managed a Christmas tree of sorts.


Decorated with everything homemade..


From reindeer dioramas and cotton yoyos,


To felt snowman,


And special handmade gifts.


Then on the big night itself we laid a cunning plan with Bella and Charlie to catch the red man in action. We sneakily stuck a mobile phone to the wardrobe door….and set it to timer…and blow-me-down…(with a little help from capture the magic)…it only went and worked!!


And look what I got in my stocking!


Then it was a quick glass of champagne by the tree before being whisked off to a feast at Auntie Ali’ a London black cab. How civilised?


Father, daughter love..

IMG_7818 IMG_7826

Cousin love.


Fairy love.


(Spot the odd one out) (it’s harder than you think..)

IMG_7835 IMG_7837 IMG_7903 IMG_7949

Then to top the festivities off..Charlie lost his first front hails a whole new dawn..

Laters, Kate x

6 Facts…


1. It’s warm enough in London to wear shoes without socks but that doesn’t stop me looking at winter coats and dreaming.


1. I received a beautiful vintage tea-towel in the post today.  More info and pics to follow, but thank you Kerry!


3. We have no toilet.

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4. Charlie is making paper decorations as I type…but only if I tell him he’s the best cutter in the world. On a regular basis.


5. We’re going to my mother’s for lunch..and to use the facilities..


6. If you’re lucky enough to have any flex in your Christmas budget, Net-a-porter (where all these coats are from) is having the most amazing 50% off sale.  Almost makes the prices human…


Laters, Kate x

Christmas Creative x


It’s the last day of the term for the kids, which would normally herald my favourite time of the year – hunkering down with crafts and an open fire to embrace everything glitter, festive and fun.   It’s not the same with builders in the house…but why – really – should it be any different? In fact, with all our decorations in storage, the call to make everything is stronger than ever..I’m just thinking we need to keep everything as cheap and as simple as possible…decorations from paper?


Surprisingly effective: Cut out the shape, glue 2 sides together..and keep going.  Miniatures for a garland..larger for a tree..


Or these globes? Fun with scissors and a hole-punch..


If we get really carried away…. a spot of origami?

(Or maybe we’ll just stick to to the good’ol paper chain….)

Laters, Kate x

Foxy Lady x


All I want for Christmas is a Christmas tree..but it’s not going to happen..there’s no space and it’ll just get covered in dust.  But I might compromise with a fox scarf..I like the play on the vintage look. I’ve seen children’s versions, which could be like a neck scarf. But personally I like the longer, Tom-Baker-Doctor-Who ones..


This one promises to be soft, strong and very, very long.

67bfc843ab9638cd9f4ac634b9a42039 bfab67d18609d03c650c9c8c871c1870 f2f397c2cd417c8722757149f2b8478c 55644930971c1be41e9c95f02cf94c41 il_570xN.722208054_o12u

(All links to examples can be found on Pinterest)

A girl can dream..

Laters, Kate x

Starlight Express x


At a Christmas party we went to at the weekend, there was only one lady wearing a full length dress.  It was jade silk chiffon with a plunging neckline and long, billowy sleeves caught at the wrist.  As she wafted past I told her she looked knock out. Like an expensive thoroughbred there was a shake of the head in acknowledgement…before she made a beeline for the champagne.


But it goes to show, a good dress is always a good dress – maybe even more so when you do your own thang.  All these are from the Vilshenko range where there’s been a move away from the bright, Ukrainian embroidery of the summer.08f5f968391665b31c439529369cf6d3


To a more parred back sophistication.

b94590eac11503e4ac9d7d335f8c50cc 0f1a2d53d95424e3ff1c39a6bb02c6af

Yet they still remain a folk-related potent force.


If I had the wallet to match, I’d take one in every colour,

Laters, Kate x

Divine Decs…


If you don’t have the time to make your own, then Graham and Green have the best vintage-style-glass-bauble-bling for your ker-ching.

df06d7e57bca734936919979d83fcd5d eb9f52592cc1e03a5d318280e0818f57 b4dfd5aa50e2bf0cbb14c56ccb218063 c8ef26309766e1e178b4f4331f3ddc1d 20a6ca904eb3675e0302bb886e94f86a

Or you could just see them as beautiful inspiration and an incentive…

Laters, Kate x


A Cultured Christmas..


It’s the first of December (gulp) so our two elves on shelves, Jessie and Heinrik  sorry – Pinkadou – he’s just been renamed by Charlie (‘Did you know Pinkadou is an old Italian name, Mummy??’ and there was I thinking it was made up. Silly, silly) have made their first appearance. Spotted them?


There they are sitting quietly on our giant loveheart.


Which, without the children, would make them horribly open to very childish abuse…

42e2776e3cf5438baca2a40e11938f65 elf-shelf-robinwood_0132 article-2519654-19D76C5400000578-365_634x543 article-2519654-19D7776300000578-622_634x636 9741552 20 1802_1386878741 enhanced-buzz-3514-1417558203-13 IMG_6198 6c8f64682a905e60b7c7746c4805d6e6 aee24c458a221ff63d60566b9866c6d3 465a6f5d8c1301756b85465b87c392db

Which would be a very, very terrible thing….

Laters, Kate x