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Christmas x


The chandelier is decorated. Tick.


New mirror inserted. Tick.


Large star in kitchen? Tick.


Christmas tree? Done. Finally got the damn lights to work.

img_0726 img_0702

Elves? Here. Every day. When we remember..normally in bed at midnight..


Christmas to do list? Still long – buy presents, wrap presents, hunt holly, find mistletoe, find stockings, clean chimneys, make gingerbread houses, ice cake, plant carrots.  It’s still reading like something the sorcerer would leave for his apprentice except without the hope of any magic.  So what am I going to do today?  I’m going to add a bright pink trim to the side of our kilim stair carpet.


Just because I can.

Laters, Kate x

O Christmas Tree!

IMG_0166 At least the tree is up! (And looking rather splendid in it’s new position in the bay window.  Was it worth it? Give me another 48 hours and I’ll let you know…)

IMG_0164 IMG_0154 With it’s assortment of memories..this one bought when Bella was born.

IMG_0157 This  from our life in Italy.

IMG_0163This was lovingly made at nursery by Charlie.

IMG_0158My Bella.

IMG_0161 IMG_0162Our homemade pasta and cranberry garlands are still going strong after YEARS!

IMG_0159Heading out now to buy cellotape..and lots of candles..lots and lots…

Laters, Kate x