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Write out x

If approaching September means anything it means stocking up on stationary. Which underlines the enigma…why do we need to buy it every September? There’s the normal losses down the back of the sofa, chewed by the children, eaten by the dog.  But the real reason is usually simply the lack of quality and that stationary belongs to the class of products blighted by the modern disease of built in obsolescence.  They just want you to buy it again.  So why not think outside the pencil box?

Tools to Liveby is a dreamy online shop that has done the hardwork upfront, sourcing beautiful stationary products from around the world that have stood the test of time.

The emphasis is on quality and the joy is in the detail, from products like these – brass pencil protectors from Germany.

To memorable packaging.

(All pics Tools to Liveby)

It puts the quality back into quantity.

Laters, Kate x

I Dig Kate!


Call me ignorant, but I had no idea that Kate Spade did stationery..possibly because it’s only just come to the UK –  Quilllondon.com have started selling them (just so you know – they haven’t asked me to write this! I just love it!) It’s fab…utterly charming, witty..and I want some! The prices are not silly for a bit of designer magic – from £20 – £28 – which makes them the ideal gift..now it’s just a matter of choosing.  And that is NOT easy!


This box sorts out all your cards so they’re no longer lying cluttered in a drawer…heaven!



There’s a similar box with ‘enclosure’ cards inside to add the personal touch to presents…j’adore!

kate-spade-gold-bow-push-pins-1 kate-spade-gold-bow-paperclips-1

Designer drawing pins or paper clips anyone?!


And the notebooks…divine! This one..Eat cake for breakfast..

kate-spade-penny-for-your-thoughts-journal-2_1 kate-spade-leave-to-the-imagination-journal-3_1 kate-spade-escape-the-ordinary-journal-1_1

When’s Christmas??

Laters, Kate x