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Do fashions for wreaths change each year? Possibly is probably the answer – because despite the dogs being blinged to their eyeballs (including the recent addition of festive dark glasses, a cunning buy from a party shop) the pull for me for wreaths has become pared back natural.  Sadly our wreath of many years doesn’t quite hit the spot is on the door – it’s  simple version of fir cones except they’re covered in glitter, and every time someone brushes past, a fir cone falls to the ground..I think a bit of tender loving DIY is needed or it’ll become it’s own epitaph..

The perfect excuse for a little bit of Christmas craft. And breathe.

Laters, Kate x

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Magpie x

There’s a new style of earring on the block: A marbled resin reminiscent of murano glass with hints of a bygone era. Some of the best examples can be seen in the work of Ejing Zhang, a Chinese jewellery now living in London who looks to her love of traditional calligraphy and ink painting for her inspiration. Combine the ever changing powers of resin with gold and a touch of whimsy and you have a magical combination.


(All pics Ejing Zhang and Pinterest)


Her pieces come under the title ‘fashion jewellery’ which means not stupid silly prices – think £150 and up. But if you want to try without breaking the bank, Primark have some surprisingly good pieces – but there’s definitely no gold…


Laters, Kate x

Jingle bells x

Why not indeed, I said to myself as I picked up the multicoloured fairy lights for Christmas this year – maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s a reaction to perfectionist white, maybe it’s a need to break out and shout there’s always another way –  but, after decades of coveting the paired back scandi look, it’s colour all the way in this house this festive season.

Mine are going outside, around the necks of our two stone dogs, Alfie and Bear – pictures will follow. Promise.

Laters, Kate x

Paper Moon x

Christmas is coming and this is the antidote to everything glittery, commercialised and over fed: White paper art – originally designed for weddings, but the perfect inspiration for drama without fuss.

(All pics Pinterest)


Simple, cheap and without damage to the planet. What’s not to love?

Laters, Kate x

Christmas x


The chandelier is decorated. Tick.


New mirror inserted. Tick.


Large star in kitchen? Tick.


Christmas tree? Done. Finally got the damn lights to work.

img_0726 img_0702

Elves? Here. Every day. When we remember..normally in bed at midnight..


Christmas to do list? Still long – buy presents, wrap presents, hunt holly, find mistletoe, find stockings, clean chimneys, make gingerbread houses, ice cake, plant carrots.  It’s still reading like something the sorcerer would leave for his apprentice except without the hope of any magic.  So what am I going to do today?  I’m going to add a bright pink trim to the side of our kilim stair carpet.


Just because I can.

Laters, Kate x

It’s Started..


Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat.  Except it isn’t..but the insidious creep is appearing on my peripheral vision like the ink from a frightened octopus.  I bought my first stocking fillers today…and faced head on the yearly mental anguish of the inner childs excitement for presents versus materialistic waste and the accumulation of useless stuff.  I still haven’t got a solution to square the circle – how to appear less Ebenezer, more Mathew Cuthbert?  Except possibly to buy less, buy better, buy clever.  With this in mind I found myself on this site – Life of Jay – which, though I didn’t realise it at the time, caters primarily for men which they don’t presume to be all sports mad. It genuinely has some interesting stuff..(though does it work if it’s still classed as ‘stuff?’ Sigh)a9e614fc97f4369d248d9a9fe0a7cb30 151684dfc88066f07bdd76147885af75

But who can say no to good stylish storage?2971590bd4592dbc6bf68d5ae9ba6efa 661c81ba4c29902d30360e452463ea63

Or a retro notebook for the jottings of the block buster you know they want to write.58ba4e53ebebe5e2c9e598bb31778ba4 But then I see a silly tin toy rabbit and want to pop it in my basket. Why??af42345a77900a88c2b15e28cd66a16b
They have these which are clever – a retro tin..8d41d761792aab5ca906accdbb0ede27 Containing the bits you think you need.  Except I’d pay more if the interior wasn’t made of plastic..


This appeals: A reusable teabag robot. Who doesn’t need that on a cold morning?


And I love their lab style storage jars.


(All pictures Life of Jay)

Then side tracked by a cunningly designed pizza cutter…

And I’m failing and falling already..

Laters, Kate x

Happy New Year! xxx


But before that..did you have a lovely Christmas?


We did.  Ignoring the fact it’s the first fake one ever to grace this house, we even managed a Christmas tree of sorts.


Decorated with everything homemade..


From reindeer dioramas and cotton yoyos,


To felt snowman,


And special handmade gifts.


Then on the big night itself we laid a cunning plan with Bella and Charlie to catch the red man in action. We sneakily stuck a mobile phone to the wardrobe door….and set it to timer…and blow-me-down…(with a little help from capture the magic)…it only went and worked!!


And look what I got in my stocking!


Then it was a quick glass of champagne by the tree before being whisked off to a feast at Auntie Ali’s..in a London black cab. How civilised?


Father, daughter love..

IMG_7818 IMG_7826

Cousin love.


Fairy love.


(Spot the odd one out) (it’s harder than you think..)

IMG_7835 IMG_7837 IMG_7903 IMG_7949

Then to top the festivities off..Charlie lost his first front tooth..it hails a whole new dawn..

Laters, Kate x

Transforming teatowels..


Thank you to Kerry for my fabulous vintage tea towel, as model by Bella in our temporary kitchen!


I won my teatowel by getting the nearest guess to how many of these Kerry had made in a jar.  She’s making 3,000 of them to turn into a bedspread…she’s that kinda gal – articulate, dextrous, imaginative..and can just make the most beautiful things, from hand woven blankets to mouth watering chocolates..and she also runs her own Etsy shop selling vintage linens. She truly is one in a million…if you click on the link now, there’s even a recipe for toffee which I can guarantee to be utterly delicious.


We’ll be turning these (an extra thank you!) into decorations for our first fake Christmas tree EVER. It’s in the garden right now…but when the builders leave us, it’s coming in, if only for a few days. And covered with all things home made.


As for the tea towel..I’m almost loathed the use it.  It’s in such glorious shape/colour/nick, I feel, it’s like a much loved sheep dog or dog for the blind, that after a hard, fulfilling life it needs a good retirement.  I’m tempted to turn it into a cushion, a bit like Julie from VintageAttitude  did for me with my Grandmother’s tea cosy..(and yes..it will be complete with pom poms Dievca!) I can just see it as an elegant, refined bolster on our bed.

The two cushions I bought from Julie also started life as tea towels…

Food for thought hey…

Laters, Kate x

Divine Decs…


If you don’t have the time to make your own, then Graham and Green have the best vintage-style-glass-bauble-bling for your ker-ching.

df06d7e57bca734936919979d83fcd5d eb9f52592cc1e03a5d318280e0818f57 b4dfd5aa50e2bf0cbb14c56ccb218063 c8ef26309766e1e178b4f4331f3ddc1d 20a6ca904eb3675e0302bb886e94f86a

Or you could just see them as beautiful inspiration and an incentive…

Laters, Kate x