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Rixo x-o-x-o

Christmas season maybe fast approaching but even the sighting of that behemoth shouldn’t turn all thoughts to party clothes.  Why? Because life needs to be lived and party clothes should be a reflection of every day.  Such is the philosophy of Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McClosky, the founders of fashion label Rixo.

Their vision was to create vintage-inspired pieces for the modern woman to wear with confident style and effortless grace.

For the quality of the material – silk,  the timeless nature of the clothes and the plus point of individuality,  the price point sits happy on the purse.

(All pics Rixo)

These pieces sing dressing up is for daytime, floor length can be casual and style always transcends season.


I, for one, am in.

Laters, Kate x

Minted x


It’s what you need when the temperature drops below freezing and the dark nights draw in…


Because Shrimps is the hot chocolate, woolly socks, slightly eccentric hygge of the winter fashion world.

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(All pics Shrimp)

Distinctive and dotty with a taste for fun, it’s a bright, cuddly light.

Laters, Kate x

Holly go brightly..

Main staircase to Goethe Institute Princes Gate | Architect: Sir Charles James Freake |

Today marks the last Monday of term and school prize day – a day to avoid if ever there is one.  I swore last year, after three hours of clapping in heavy, muggy heat that I would never go again – and that was after the mornings two hour session.  But, there’s no emotional escape from the kids need to know you’re there..in world economics it’s a price too high to pay not to go, so it’s time to slap on the smile and don the nonchalance for one more time. I’ll be sitting there, checking out the colour combinations and trying to work out why some things work that really shouldn’t..and the reverse.

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SE surfaces Torvaldsen


Think of me.

Laters, Kate x

The Hall x


The kitchen still hasn’t arrived – some hold up at the spray painters.  I wait for it with baited breath because I’m desperate to know the colour as it will have such an impact on what happens next both in the hall and in the sitting room.


I have the empty pot sitting on the fireplace as a colour guide..and it looks a greeny grey.


And the colour samples on the wall…which look grey.


But I swear when it was painted it was a seventies brown.


The stairs up to the first floor are already painted this colour (not a picture of them – too covered in dust (another ceiling went this week..the last one) (over our temporary kitchen mind you!)…but does it stay? I’ve also noticed that all the staircases that tick the box have no runners….not an option for us. And if a staircase is dark, the walls are white. Not great with kids. And what runner works on a dark staircase?


There’s always the option to go lighter..


I was going to use a kilim runner as a stair carpet down to the cellar/underworld.  Maybe I’ll move that idea and use it in the entrance hall instead..add a bit of much wanted colour and texture..

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I think I’m going to run with it (hoho)..and see what happens…

Nothing ventured, nothing gained…

Laters, Kate x