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Christmas x


The chandelier is decorated. Tick.


New mirror inserted. Tick.


Large star in kitchen? Tick.


Christmas tree? Done. Finally got the damn lights to work.

img_0726 img_0702

Elves? Here. Every day. When we remember..normally in bed at midnight..


Christmas to do list? Still long – buy presents, wrap presents, hunt holly, find mistletoe, find stockings, clean chimneys, make gingerbread houses, ice cake, plant carrots.  It’s still reading like something the sorcerer would leave for his apprentice except without the hope of any magic.  So what am I going to do today?  I’m going to add a bright pink trim to the side of our kilim stair carpet.


Just because I can.

Laters, Kate x

Stairway to Heaven x


The first stair carpet for the main stairs arrived yesterday..excitement! It’s an unusual combination of earthy colours with contrasts of pure neon…definitely a risk that’s paid off..can’t wait for the other one to arrive now..Will they work together? Only time will tell..


I’ve almost finished painting the hall – ran out of paint at the very top. Typical.  But it’s had it’s own little transformation, including adding a newel post and new banister to make the stairs feel more integrated and trick the eye into thinking the wall on the  kitchen side was always there (we nicked the corridor space to give as much width as possible – every inch counts in London)


The new radiator cover is still painted with the builder’s grey undercoat..except I rather love it.  I like the contrast rather than everything matching. So last weekend it was dragged to B&Q to be colour matched..they thought I was bonkers as it was hauled onto the paint counter to go under their machine.  But sometimes needs must. If there’s any give in the already blown budget, a fitted mirror will go in the alcove..and stained glass in the front door.  A girl can dream.

IMG_8600 IMG_8602

Of course, the biggest change to the hall will be when the glass crittall doors arrive on Monday..

Laters, Kate x


The Hall x


The kitchen still hasn’t arrived – some hold up at the spray painters.  I wait for it with baited breath because I’m desperate to know the colour as it will have such an impact on what happens next both in the hall and in the sitting room.


I have the empty pot sitting on the fireplace as a colour guide..and it looks a greeny grey.


And the colour samples on the wall…which look grey.


But I swear when it was painted it was a seventies brown.


The stairs up to the first floor are already painted this colour (not a picture of them – too covered in dust (another ceiling went this week..the last one) (over our temporary kitchen mind you!)…but does it stay? I’ve also noticed that all the staircases that tick the box have no runners….not an option for us. And if a staircase is dark, the walls are white. Not great with kids. And what runner works on a dark staircase?


There’s always the option to go lighter..


I was going to use a kilim runner as a stair carpet down to the cellar/underworld.  Maybe I’ll move that idea and use it in the entrance hall instead..add a bit of much wanted colour and texture..

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I think I’m going to run with it (hoho)..and see what happens…

Nothing ventured, nothing gained…

Laters, Kate x