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Transforming teatowels..


Thank you to Kerry for my fabulous vintage tea towel, as model by Bella in our temporary kitchen!


I won my teatowel by getting the nearest guess to how many of these Kerry had made in a jar.  She’s making 3,000 of them to turn into a bedspread…she’s that kinda gal – articulate, dextrous, imaginative..and can just make the most beautiful things, from hand woven blankets to mouth watering chocolates..and she also runs her own Etsy shop selling vintage linens. She truly is one in a million…if you click on the link now, there’s even a recipe for toffee which I can guarantee to be utterly delicious.


We’ll be turning these (an extra thank you!) into decorations for our first fake Christmas tree EVER. It’s in the garden right now…but when the builders leave us, it’s coming in, if only for a few days. And covered with all things home made.


As for the tea towel..I’m almost loathed the use it.  It’s in such glorious shape/colour/nick, I feel, it’s like a much loved sheep dog or dog for the blind, that after a hard, fulfilling life it needs a good retirement.  I’m tempted to turn it into a cushion, a bit like Julie from VintageAttitude  did for me with my Grandmother’s tea cosy..(and will be complete with pom poms Dievca!) I can just see it as an elegant, refined bolster on our bed.

The two cushions I bought from Julie also started life as tea towels…

Food for thought hey…

Laters, Kate x

6 Facts…


1. It’s warm enough in London to wear shoes without socks but that doesn’t stop me looking at winter coats and dreaming.


1. I received a beautiful vintage tea-towel in the post today.  More info and pics to follow, but thank you Kerry!


3. We have no toilet.

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4. Charlie is making paper decorations as I type…but only if I tell him he’s the best cutter in the world. On a regular basis.


5. We’re going to my mother’s for lunch..and to use the facilities..


6. If you’re lucky enough to have any flex in your Christmas budget, Net-a-porter (where all these coats are from) is having the most amazing 50% off sale.  Almost makes the prices human…


Laters, Kate x

Christmas Creative x


It’s the last day of the term for the kids, which would normally herald my favourite time of the year – hunkering down with crafts and an open fire to embrace everything glitter, festive and fun.   It’s not the same with builders in the house…but why – really – should it be any different? In fact, with all our decorations in storage, the call to make everything is stronger than ever..I’m just thinking we need to keep everything as cheap and as simple as possible…decorations from paper?


Surprisingly effective: Cut out the shape, glue 2 sides together..and keep going.  Miniatures for a garland..larger for a tree..


Or these globes? Fun with scissors and a hole-punch..


If we get really carried away…. a spot of origami?

(Or maybe we’ll just stick to to the good’ol paper chain….)

Laters, Kate x

Foxy Lady x


All I want for Christmas is a Christmas tree..but it’s not going to happen..there’s no space and it’ll just get covered in dust.  But I might compromise with a fox scarf..I like the play on the vintage look. I’ve seen children’s versions, which could be like a neck scarf. But personally I like the longer, Tom-Baker-Doctor-Who ones..


This one promises to be soft, strong and very, very long.

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(All links to examples can be found on Pinterest)

A girl can dream..

Laters, Kate x

The Cellar x


Sigh.  This is part of the inspiration for our cellar renovation..a warm, inviting room from epic the Hotel Provinence in Paris.myimage 2

But before we get to the fun bits (we’re still shovelling soil), the room layout has to be nailed (literally). It’s not the easiest room – there’s got to be lots of multi-functionality but I’ve found a brilliant site  – The Make Room – which is the easiest, most practical room planner I’ve ever played with.


You can pull in furniture..and alter their sizes to represent yours..or what’s on the dream list.

myimage a

Save different layouts.myimage Add in measurements to ensure there’s enough walk space..(Top tip: As a base line the site uses feet and inches, to change  – look to the right and click on ‘add all buttons’ then, look to the left, find ‘view’ click and change to centimetres)myimage10

You can choose plugs..lights..even slippers.myimage11

At the end – oh the joy! – it gives you a list of the sizes of all the furniture you’ve that not heaven on a page?

myimage 3

Then just print off..and hand to nearest Bank Manager…

Laters, Kate x

Starlight Express x


At a Christmas party we went to at the weekend, there was only one lady wearing a full length dress.  It was jade silk chiffon with a plunging neckline and long, billowy sleeves caught at the wrist.  As she wafted past I told her she looked knock out. Like an expensive thoroughbred there was a shake of the head in acknowledgement…before she made a beeline for the champagne.


But it goes to show, a good dress is always a good dress – maybe even more so when you do your own thang.  All these are from the Vilshenko range where there’s been a move away from the bright, Ukrainian embroidery of the summer.08f5f968391665b31c439529369cf6d3


To a more parred back sophistication.

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Yet they still remain a folk-related potent force.


If I had the wallet to match, I’d take one in every colour,

Laters, Kate x

Divine Decs…


If you don’t have the time to make your own, then Graham and Green have the best vintage-style-glass-bauble-bling for your ker-ching.

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Or you could just see them as beautiful inspiration and an incentive…

Laters, Kate x


Woolly Palette x


Sheepskin has that rare mix of standout and empathy.

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It’s come a long way from the full blown saturation of it’s seventies hey day which resulted in total burn out.


But it’s appeal is sneaking under the radar and gently returning, softening edges and singing of warmth and cosy nights by open fires.

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No doubt the flokati rug will soon follow.

Laters, Kate x



Blossom on a tree on our walk to school, the autumn leaves still hanging on…


Our mad weather is even confusing nature.


Also spotted, the van for a company replacing windows..


Maybe it’s the time of year and lack of sleep due to children coughing and spluttering through the night…but surely I’m not the only person who read their dodgy advertising slogan and thought..croup??

Laters, Kate x