Transforming teatowels..


Thank you to Kerry for my fabulous vintage tea towel, as model by Bella in our temporary kitchen!


I won my teatowel by getting the nearest guess to how many of these Kerry had made in a jar.  She’s making 3,000 of them to turn into a bedspread…she’s that kinda gal – articulate, dextrous, imaginative..and can just make the most beautiful things, from hand woven blankets to mouth watering chocolates..and she also runs her own Etsy shop selling vintage linens. She truly is one in a million…if you click on the link now, there’s even a recipe for toffee which I can guarantee to be utterly delicious.


We’ll be turning these (an extra thank you!) into decorations for our first fake Christmas tree EVER. It’s in the garden right now…but when the builders leave us, it’s coming in, if only for a few days. And covered with all things home made.


As for the tea towel..I’m almost loathed the use it.  It’s in such glorious shape/colour/nick, I feel, it’s like a much loved sheep dog or dog for the blind, that after a hard, fulfilling life it needs a good retirement.  I’m tempted to turn it into a cushion, a bit like Julie from VintageAttitude  did for me with my Grandmother’s tea cosy..(and will be complete with pom poms Dievca!) I can just see it as an elegant, refined bolster on our bed.

The two cushions I bought from Julie also started life as tea towels…

Food for thought hey…

Laters, Kate x


  1. KerryCan

    Oh, the towel looks happy in its new home! It’s yours now so you can do anything you’d like with it, so long as you treat it well. And I’m very pleased to think those funny fabric yo-yos will liven up your makeshift tree!