Christmas Creative x


It’s the last day of the term for the kids, which would normally herald my favourite time of the year – hunkering down with crafts and an open fire to embrace everything glitter, festive and fun.   It’s not the same with builders in the house…but why – really – should it be any different? In fact, with all our decorations in storage, the call to make everything is stronger than ever..I’m just thinking we need to keep everything as cheap and as simple as possible…decorations from paper?


Surprisingly effective: Cut out the shape, glue 2 sides together..and keep going.  Miniatures for a garland..larger for a tree..


Or these globes? Fun with scissors and a hole-punch..


If we get really carried away…. a spot of origami?

(Or maybe we’ll just stick to to the good’ol paper chain….)

Laters, Kate x