Starlight Express x


At a Christmas party we went to at the weekend, there was only one lady wearing a full length dress.  It was jade silk chiffon with a plunging neckline and long, billowy sleeves caught at the wrist.  As she wafted past I told her she looked knock out. Like an expensive thoroughbred there was a shake of the head in acknowledgement…before she made a beeline for the champagne.


But it goes to show, a good dress is always a good dress – maybe even more so when you do your own thang.  All these are from the Vilshenko range where there’s been a move away from the bright, Ukrainian embroidery of the summer.08f5f968391665b31c439529369cf6d3


To a more parred back sophistication.

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Yet they still remain a folk-related potent force.


If I had the wallet to match, I’d take one in every colour,

Laters, Kate x