The Cellar x


Sigh.  This is part of the inspiration for our cellar renovation..a warm, inviting room from epic the Hotel Provinence in Paris.myimage 2

But before we get to the fun bits (we’re still shovelling soil), the room layout has to be nailed (literally). It’s not the easiest room – there’s got to be lots of multi-functionality but I’ve found a brilliant site  – The Make Room – which is the easiest, most practical room planner I’ve ever played with.


You can pull in furniture..and alter their sizes to represent yours..or what’s on the dream list.

myimage a

Save different layouts.myimage Add in measurements to ensure there’s enough walk space..(Top tip: As a base line the site uses feet and inches, to change  – look to the right and click on ‘add all buttons’ then, look to the left, find ‘view’ click and change to centimetres)myimage10

You can choose plugs..lights..even slippers.myimage11

At the end – oh the joy! – it gives you a list of the sizes of all the furniture you’ve that not heaven on a page?

myimage 3

Then just print off..and hand to nearest Bank Manager…

Laters, Kate x