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Blossom on a tree on our walk to school, the autumn leaves still hanging on…


Our mad weather is even confusing nature.


Also spotted, the van for a company replacing windows..


Maybe it’s the time of year and lack of sleep due to children coughing and spluttering through the night…but surely I’m not the only person who read their dodgy advertising slogan and thought..croup??

Laters, Kate x

Mr and Mrs!

IMG_5466 IMG_5469

A cloudless sky..a balmy day..a beautiful bride..a beaming groom..there’s not much that beats the pure thrilling tide of love a wedding inspires. It’s that pure moment of magic when you get to celebrate a fork in the path of people you love, because they’ve chosen to walk that way together, forever.  (Or in this case, dancing, singing…..laughing..)

IMG_5473 IMG_5474 IMG_547511407195_992000774166382_6172529787180068338_n

(Great pic by Kayte Cable!)

The gorgeous bride (naturally) (as your do) MADE HER OWN DRESS. Respect….(I think we can all be proud of the way we have brought her up..she’s a credit to us!)

IMG_0553 IMG_0552

(Heart-stealer Wilf also stealing Sarah’s limelight)


The service was delivered with suitable grandee gravitas, impeccable diction and great teeth.

IMG_0559 IMG_0561 IMG_5544 IMG_5508

Full of the potent force of shared years/drunken forays that make 20 years disappear to re-awaken the past in bright, nostalgic technicolor. Flamboyant, slapstick and joyful with a pearly heat haze of pure charm and happiness.


IMG_5545IMG_5559 IMG_0569

And then the dancing began!

IMG_0573 IMG_5623 IMG_0574 IMG_0575IMG_0579

Spinning, twisting, whirling into the night…


Congratulations you lovely, lovely pair!!!!!!

Laters, Kate x

Tall Tale x



I had a funny with Charlie last week. Nothing to do with wearing my glasses..or having a chocolate face..It was actually at his school..they were having an indepth class discussion about World War 1 and Charlie proudly announced that we have two of the ceramic poppies from the Tower of London, Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red exhibition at home.  His teacher wanted to know if he could bring them in to show the class so the very next day, he eagerly went in with them for his very own, personal show-and-tell.  He stood up in front of the class and spoke eloquently about the poppies being the first flower to grow on the battle fields of Flanders, he explained how each poppy represented the death of a soldier..then he was asked ‘And where do these poppies come from Charlie?’ He thoughtfully considered the question..and replied: ‘Tesco’s!’

…Naturally I’m gutted he didn’t say Waitrose..

Laters, Kate x

Funky and Fanciful x



There’s a serendipity when things that aren’t perfect just are.

KWJ-Lookbook-boxer-with-botanical-rings_1140_581_80 KWJ-Lookbook-man-wearing-pansies_1140_581_80

Like an unexpected marriage of colour, nostalgia and manipulation.

KWJ-Lookbook-native-indian-wearing-botanical_1140_581_80 KWJ-Lookbook-man-wearing-superfine_1140_581_80

But then would you expect any more from Karen Walker?


(I want this bow necklace. Like now…)

KWJ-Lookbook-boxer-with-botanical-pendant_1140_581_80 KWJ-Lookbook-woman-wearing-filigree_1140_581_80

The Queen of witchy powers, always willing to throw magic into the mix.  And cackle with glee at the results..

Laters, Kate x

Tis the season…

IMG_3949You know it’s Christmas…

1. When a mince pie becomes an acceptable meal substitute..and egg nog equals a portion of protein.

2. When the inbox sends out it’s own SOS due to spam overload.

3. When you go out to buy a party dress and come back with a fire engine.

4. When you search for your heels and find them in the dressing up.

5 When you find yourself multi-ing the multi-tasking..writing the shopping list on the toilet whilst texting the plumber.

6. When the kids suddenly start acting nice.

7. And as a result they fool you into taking them Christmas shopping and just when your impression of an suppressed, repressed, depressed packing mule has reached it’s limits someone always needs a wee.

8. When the list of things to take to school is representative of an expedition to climb Everest..white plimsoles, black plimsoles, red trousers, red top with tinsel, baked bean tin, bottle of wine, raffle tickets, jar of sweets, tray of cupcakes, nativity dvd return form, another tray of cupcakes, cards for the entire class…winning lottery ticket?

9. When you get undressed at night and you find multiple smiling Father Christmas stickers attached to your bum.

10. When you point out a cloud that looks like a snowman with a funny hat.  To a stranger.

11. When the dvd player stops working because there’s a snow globe inside it.

12. When sorting out the laundry is classed as ‘me time’.

13. When you realise sewing on tinsel to a red top is a nightmare and the red is actually your blood.

14. When you tell yourself that a hangover with children is just not worth it. Again.

15. When you realise a trip to the hairdressers is a spa day.

16. When you realise that amaretto with mulled wine should be classed as an A1 drug.

17. When you walk round the supermarket singing carols. Loudly. And out of tune.

Laters, Kate x