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A Pearl x


Preppy-sports-lux flavours Mother of Pearl SS15, stylishly crossing all sorts of nostalgic and modern borders with ease.

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A step away from the bold, bright prints of previous seasons there’s something effortless about this simple combination of cut and colour that quietly sings of contentment and inner confidence.

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Even when a bit of ooomph is brought to the party..


Clothes to wear around the house, at work, on a date..or just for the heck of it.  Mother of Pearl has found her person and knows her well – I for one, can’t look away.


Laters, Kate x


The Girl with the Pearl Clothes…

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I will love you, Mother of Pearl AW14, but I will hate you at the same time..because I could never afford your prices…


Your witty take on William Morris, courtesy of the collaboration on the Collection with Richard Saja, brought willingly to the twenty first century with neon embroidery has stolen my breaking heart.


There’s the game changing take on tartan..


And ingenious print..It’s not just about what you want to wear, but who you want to be.  If I wore this, I’d be myself – but a bit better:  I’d waft.  And wonderful phrases with many syllables would flow like liquid gold from my happy lips, making even Sparrows smile….


 The little touches, the fabulous shoes..how could nude ankle socks ever look so chic?


And this is actually a dress..a surprise..


(Photos by Style,com and Kristabel Plummer)

One by one they follow the shape of my heart…and walk on by…

Laters, Kate x


Fairytale x

tumblr_mmu0gzmwy81s3z0dmo1_500(Photo from Tumblr)

Something happens every Season..

from lovelybylucy.com

(Photo from http://www.lovelybylucy.com)

One innocuous item magically transforms into a diamond encrusted butterfly.

from style caster.com celine slip ons(Photo from Stylecaster.com)

This year it’s the humble slip-on.

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All by Mother of Pearl.

Maybe not a glass slipper..

Kenzo-x-Vans-shoes-collaboration-Leopard- Vans-Classic-Slip-On_Kenzo-Leopard_Peacoat-Spectrum-Blue

Kenzo Vans partnership. 

But they’re still having a psychedelic Cinderella moment..


..and I love it.

Laters, Kate

Saw. Loved. Posted.

I was doing a bit of research into online boutiquey clothes shops when I came across the label ‘Mother of Pearl’ and their collection for AW 2013. My heart did a little flip and then a simple sigh of pure pleasure…I am a huge fan of anyone who has the ability to use multiple contrasting patterns and still create synchronising harmony whether it is for clothes or interiors…..and the combination of sports/everyday wear and lux? Perfect to a tee…look and die..

m-322-1376-39581-7nmWXPl8Xl1K m-322-1376-39580-Kq8qjzPaIrFP m-322-1376-39596-oIwf842Bi9na m-322-1376-39583-CY3KBPeIAn3T m-322-1376-39576-pmL9aZVPR1EZ m-322-1376-39598-VkiIguGkbMwJ m-322-1376-39592-2YkiJAG2FIu4 m-322-1376-39585-zt9o0nfSH6QaI wanted to find out a bit more so did a search – the creative director of the label is Maia Norman, a Californian.  Each season she looks for inspiration from a different artist – in this case it was Polly Morgan…a taxidermy specialist!..I have a secret love of taxidermy, victoriana and dusty glass domes so I was spellbound by her work..though I freely accept it is not to everyones tastes..

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All my information on Mother of Pearl was quite hard to dredge up – Google Maia’s name and all you will come up with is the fact that she was the partner for twenty years of the infamous Damien Hirst..(re-look the taxidermy)..and three children later, she left him for another man.  It wasn’t so much the amount of coverage that disturbed me – that’s to be expected – he is the most successful living artist in the world…but hey guys, there’s a bigger story here than how can she do this to him? doesn’t she know what side her bread is buttered? How can she leave him when he’s so successful?

A little bit of interest about her personality, professional identity and obvious talents wouldn’t have gone amiss…

laters, Kate x