The Girl with the Pearl Clothes…

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I will love you, Mother of Pearl AW14, but I will hate you at the same time..because I could never afford your prices…


Your witty take on William Morris, courtesy of the collaboration on the Collection with Richard Saja, brought willingly to the twenty first century with neon embroidery has stolen my breaking heart.


There’s the game changing take on tartan..


And ingenious print..It’s not just about what you want to wear, but who you want to be.  If I wore this, I’d be myself – but a bit better:  I’d waft.  And wonderful phrases with many syllables would flow like liquid gold from my happy lips, making even Sparrows smile….


 The little touches, the fabulous could nude ankle socks ever look so chic?


And this is actually a dress..a surprise..


(Photos by Style,com and Kristabel Plummer)

One by one they follow the shape of my heart…and walk on by…

Laters, Kate x



  1. KerryCan

    I love reading your take on these fashions, even though I can’t see the nude ankle socks as chic! I do like a lot about this designer’s work, though!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Cobalt blue was such a strong colour in the 80s, it lost it’s glad it’s back as it’s the one colour that seems to suit everyone. The unicorn sweater is seriously lustworthy… xxx

  2. The Fashion Huntress

    I’m really drawn to the dress with tulips on the bottom. I love when prints are so dynamic and interesting- I always wonder how people come up with things that are so unique….

  3. Jade

    I love the dress that doesn’t at first look like a dress but is – I imagine I’d definitely be able to waft in it! Jx

  4. fashionassist

    Totally swooning over this marvelous, enchanting collection…
    and I think William Morris would be swooning too…
    from neon thread work to nude ankle socks…
    it’s all wonderfully delicious!! ~xo