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Bella’s room x

There’s a promise I need to keep and that’s redecorating Bella’s room:  Never an easy thing when they want identity and you’re spending the hard cash.  So in the knowledge of generational divide and the spirit of finding the grey area she’s been pinning her inspiration.

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I don’t think I need to worry. Hashtag my girl is growing up. Fast.

Laters, Kate x

The Hall x


Time to decide which wallpaper makes the cut for the hall which is a bit like going into Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory and just choosing one ickle bickle flavour.  How do you pick?

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It will be William Morris because he is my interior design hero and God.  But that hardly narrows the field down.

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I’ve discarded some of the darker patterns, just because I’m going darker…on the dado and skirting boards..and in the kitchen..and sitting room..and cinema room..hey ho – just call my home a cave..

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I’m thinking this one – Arbutus – could be it…There’s something about the 3D effect of the leaves and their blue/grey colour..


Decisions, decisions…

Laters, Kate x