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Eclipse x

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As I’m writing this we’re close to a partial eclipse in London – unfortunately the weather is not co-operating, the clouds are thick and low.  With minutes to go it’s definitely darker…the sort of dark that precedes a cracking thunder storm..or the moon cutting out the sun..and I can just imagine these boho babes from Etro SS15 somewhere green and verdant, dancing barefoot in the grass..because the green is always brighter on the other side..


Laters, Kate x

Stellar Star x


When was the last time you saw something so smart it made your head spin?

YVL_6996 YVL_7040

Stella Jean as that rare ability to turn what we would look at and think is promisingly awful and turn it into proud peacocks of the fashion world.

YVL_7088 YVL_7212

Each looks is a wonder, with the clever use of stripes pulling it all together like the ribbons on a babies bonnet.


Stella Jean is prepared to do things that could completely trip her up…but instead she reaches that heady sweet spot of awe.

YVL_7279 YVL_7377

Just stunning.

YVL_7391 YVL_7418 YVL_7429

 (All photos from Style.com)

Each item is a wonder and a rich blast of laughter laden exotic air…

Laters, Kate x

The Girl with the Pearl Clothes…

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I will love you, Mother of Pearl AW14, but I will hate you at the same time..because I could never afford your prices…


Your witty take on William Morris, courtesy of the collaboration on the Collection with Richard Saja, brought willingly to the twenty first century with neon embroidery has stolen my breaking heart.


There’s the game changing take on tartan..


And ingenious print..It’s not just about what you want to wear, but who you want to be.  If I wore this, I’d be myself – but a bit better:  I’d waft.  And wonderful phrases with many syllables would flow like liquid gold from my happy lips, making even Sparrows smile….


 The little touches, the fabulous shoes..how could nude ankle socks ever look so chic?


And this is actually a dress..a surprise..


(Photos by Style,com and Kristabel Plummer)

One by one they follow the shape of my heart…and walk on by…

Laters, Kate x


Isa Arfen x


 A mixture of new and found, Isa Arfen is the London-based label started in 2011 by Serafina Sama.


Serafina graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design in 2006 and has since built up an impressive portfolio of experience: Marni, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Acne and Charlotte Olympia. It shows.


The label captures and enhances the subtle shift in the fashion mood – Soft but with feminine confidence..A walking statement of drama without causing offence.


Serafina says: ‘To me, fashion is about desire, beauty and fun.  It’s not about dressing up in a costume. Isa Arfen is about a real woman dressing for her real life and really enjoying it.’




Charismatic, eclectic, elegant and exuberant…it lights me up like a Lee Broom light.

Laters, Kate x