What a Blast!!

IMG_2392What can I say other than a HUGE THANK YOU for what turned out to be one of my most amusing, funny days in the blogosphere ever…it tickled me pink that so many of you took up the dream and ran with it..poor husband didn’t know what had hit him..’No,no I can’t come now, I’m wafting about in a flowing yellow Ossie Clark number on my third bottle of Bolly!’…we will HAVE to do it again…and dress up! Vintage Chanel for me..or possibly Valentino…hmmmmm, decisions, decisions..and shoes! And Bags! and more food…maybe in September for London fashion week?? I will polish up the crystal in preparation..

Until then – I hope you all got home safely..there were some that were definitely the worst for wear – hope the heads are ok and no-one woke up with a stranger?!…lots of water and asprin!!..and an early night!

Huge love to you all, you mad mad people..I loved it!

Kate xxx


  1. rubyfoot

    That was marvellous. I don’t know how you came up with the idea,(Chablis ? …..) but what a great way to connect with some amazing bloggers. In fact, I am still doing the rounds. So looking forward to the next one.

    • MasonBentley

      We are great believers in creative thinking..but the Chablis certainly helped!! I loved your front of house – so welcoming..we will and MUST do it again.. xxxx

  2. Herpassionforfashion

    Thanks so much Kate for the wonderful idea you had with the blog party. I never would have discovered such other great blogs and bloggers. This should definitely happen again!

    • MasonBentley

      There was just a lovely atmosphere of fun..I think it would be really interesting to do it again if only because one always learns from the experience and it would be good to put those experiences into practice! Made in Chelsea on tonight..but I may have to give it a miss and watch BBC iplayer at a later date… xxx

  3. Lia in Brussels

    Had a great time, in fact still having it, what with poor wifi and my little tablette, I’ll probably finish my rounds in July!! It has been a pleasure and I’m glad I could catch the MasonBentley Party Crowd, a creative, diverse community, in the making! I’m definitely in for the next get together, how can I resist the promise of a chilled Moet I see already standing by? xxx

  4. Mya

    This was the best idea ever! It was a great experience and I got to see so many great blogs that I would’ve never come across xx