The builders are here..

We’re in a little bit of chaos.  Our lovely builders who did our kitchen texted on Monday to say ‘we have a slot free starting tomorrow, so would you like us to do all those other little jobs you’ve made a list of?’ Which is great in one way, because we were just about to decorate the study (although we were in that phwoo phwee stage of ‘should we do this just before a Christmas that we’re hosting? It’s going to be tight and I’m not sure if we should lose the present cupboard just yet’)…Except they will help make the study really special by fitting the fireplace, making new shelves and giving us the kick up the backside to get started.  It was panic stations yesterday.

It’s all cleared now.  And the spare room looks like a reclamation yard again.  Which is a shame…

Because that’s where we’ll be sleeping for a while as the family bathroom suite is now in our bedroom…another one of those ‘little’ jobs on the list is to replace the bathroom floor.  We converted the bathroom from a bedroom eleven years ago and whilst most of it has stood the test of time – I still love the Cole & Son wallpaper –  the floor hasn’t.  It looks tired and because the house is old, tiles have cracked so it’s farewell horrible floor, you’ll not be missed.  And hello wooden floor when you come! Yup, as a huge fan of my wooden floor in the kitchen – best decision EVER. We’ve made the potentially impractical decision of having similar herringbone parquet but on a smaller scale in the bathroom.  Except the kids are now older and to be honest…and boats are made of wood…..and the joy of wood is a) it doesn’t show the dirt and b) it’s flexible. Win bloody win.

We also made the mistake of scrimping on the taps and shower and ordering from Bathstore. Never again.  They need to be replaced as well. Sigh. Most of the tiles will remain, although the ones around the bath will go.

I’m hoping to keep the Victorian style tiles to the left of the bath, whilst the rest will be replaced with white/grey marble.

The final job on the list is to plaster and skim the backdoors into place that were retrofitted on the ground floor.


There’s not a space untouched..



Laters, Kate x


  1. ReneeWritesNow!

    “Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays…” Isn’t that how the song goes? Be realistic with your expectations of time and people. Then, stencil your favorite quotation somewhere in your home for inspiration. From cave paintings to cathedrals, buildings have been the container for words and images. Be a part of this literary tradition.

  2. abbiosbiston

    I wish you could see the bathroom in the house we rent. It makes me sad on a daily basis. Whoever decorated it had grand ideas and zero logic. The floor is made up of individual pebbles set into concrete. It would be lovely for an outdoor shower but inside it is not only freezing but also a nightmare to clean and not very comfortable on the feet. The walls are tiled top to bottom with individual white tiles, 1cm x 1cm… like what you’d use for the splash back. There is so much grouting… so so much… that all needs scrubbing. Also the tiles are uneven in many places. Oh and there is ZERO built in storage. Not even a little cabinet. At least the bath is massive.