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Leandra Medine has a sense of fashion which is not just about trends, but an organic amalgamation of all the wrong things being right purely because she’s given herself permission to step out of the invisible circle of expectation and just be. She rarely wears make-up, explaining she sells ideas, not bodies – ideas and clothes – or rather a love of fashion, a love of the visual and the impressions they make.

But the best thing is, whilst the hyperbole is fab, the real reason Medine doesn’t wear make up?

Because she’s lazy – she doesn’t want the faff. And because – drum roll – she’s comfortable with her look.

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And that is what makes her a beautiful, special treasure.

Laters, Kate x

I dress, therefore I am..

NYFW SS14 has me firmly in it’s silken claw as I follow the extremely confident, the almost normal and the not in the least excessive…

hbz-nyfw-ss12-street-style-03-lgn(Mira Duma, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr Newton)

But as well as indulging in the theatre of the runways I desperately want to turn the camera and see what the exclusive, lucky audience is also wearing.

hbz-nyfw-ss12-street-style-01-lgn(Zanna Roberts-Rossi, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr.Newton)

A moment of voyerism to catch them doing exactly what nature dictates a human in that position should do..eye-up everyone else..whilst pretending they’re far too cool to do anything as possibly crass.


(Leandra Medine, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr Newton)

I’m enjoying the intrigue of the public versus the publicity..since the inner circle of secrecy of the Collections was broken by the unrepentant and immediate exposure on the internet, all attendees are touched by magic dust too and have become ‘models’ in their own right, their pictures just as sought after..

hbz-steet-style-nyfw-091211-06-lgn(Caroline Issa, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

And what’s more important? Looking at what the people are wearing today, this moment..or concentrating on something you won’t be able to see or hold for another 6 months?
hbz-steet-style-nyfw-091211-08-lgn(Carine Roitfeld, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

The internet, digital cameras, streaming..the Collections are out there before you can blink and dancing in cyberspace. But they’re out of date. ¬†Even if it’s a future date.

hbz-steet-style-nyfw-091211-09-lgn(Maria Duenas, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

The 6 month time delay seems to only work for printed media, giving them time to plan articles and editorials…but how relevant are the mags now?


(Anna Dello Russo and Giovanna Battaglia, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

And the time certainly gives the High Street a heads up to replicate ideas and bleed the genuine talent dry.

hbz-nyfw-street-style-091012-06-lgn(Leandra Medine, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

Is it a case of upbringing and this is the way it is always done?

hbz-street-style-nyfw-090612-03-lgn(Leandra Medine, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

Who knows..but it seems strange for creatives renown for rebels, fallen angels and pushing boundaires to be part of a ‘pack’ mentality themselves.

hbz-nyfw-day-1-ss-04-lgn(Susie Bubble, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

So who will fight for creative freedom? Do they want it?

Laters, Kate x