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Leandra Medine has a sense of fashion which is not just about trends, but an organic amalgamation of all the wrong things being right purely because she’s given herself permission to step out of the invisible circle of expectation and just be. She rarely wears make-up, explaining she sells ideas, not bodies – ideas and clothes – or rather a love of fashion, a love of the visual and the impressions they make.

But the best thing is, whilst the hyperbole is fab, the real reason Medine doesn’t wear make up?

Because she’s lazy – she doesn’t want the faff. And because – drum roll – she’s comfortable with her look.

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And that is what makes her a beautiful, special treasure.

Laters, Kate x

Coach Journey..


NYFW is in full force with a royal gallimaufry (look it up) of offerings, each screaming for attention.  But sometimes it’s the unexpected that catches the roving eye.  This is Coach..a brand I normally associate with tan and handbags..


But these are tough, potent clothes designed for attitude with a modern, fit-for-combat edge, ready to fight the worst of the winter weather with chutzpah and style whilst keeping enemies at bay.


And there’s a duffel..accessorised with a bandana.  What’s not to love?

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These shoes nail the bitch sentiment…hard nosed, no-nonsense but with just a subtle sprinkling of fairy dust with their glowing gold and cheeky tassel. Never thought you’d like a kitten heel? Look again..


(All photos from Style.com)

This is functional dressing with eclectic additions, it’s hard and seductive, frank and forthright with an awareness of what’s happening…but a determination to strut their own path.


I’ll have some of that..

Laters, Kate x