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Trick or Treat?


(picture from pinterest)

The perfect party skirt has to be the jewel in the crown this party-hopping season, acting like a human Christmas tree, catching the sparkle and reflecting back the smiles and giddy moments.  In the haute spot is Burberry with their mermaid inspired work of art – enough to make the most bah-humbug joy-squasher gimlet eyed with misty desire..


Also working in the skirt corner is the ability to mix the well-heeled refined with the everyday low: tactile jumpers or denim or even t-shirts on top….contrasting the glittering below..cocktail mixes of opposites that create a long drink of inherently cool pleasure..


Sequins just too eighties? How about the pared back elegance that is metallic leather? Easily teamed with white when the sun comes out again, this Maje skirt will even carry you on a silver ray of light all the way through to summer..


(River island skirt)

And don’t forget the high street  – if red wine and dancing on the tables are your party tricks of choice, maybe fake is the way to go..

But faux or real, trick or treat..the choice is yours..

Laters, Kate x

A little bit of lace…

I’ve got lace on the mind..I see it where ever I look, what ever I do…admittedly we are in the throes of producing our own broidery anglais dresses and shirts which have been gentley loved into existence (divine – I should have photos, but I got swept away in the moment and forgot to take any. Doh…laters, laters) but I do have these inspiration shots:

My cuff

IMG_1587$(KGrHqV,!pkF!uFlgkw)BQQ339kcu!~~60_3 1109659837184040_1 $T2eC16V,!zUE9s38+COlBQkRG9TNiQ~~60_57 $(KGrHqJ,!hgFCIjjrsy0BQkt,h17zg~~60_57 photo-75$(KGrHqNHJFQFBi1GJGSPBQeDM5rFLw~~60_12 2308696200944040_1IMG_1286Pic from Valentino…how gorgeous??

IMG_1477Pic from Stella McCartney…I die…(though interesting underwear dilemma for us mere mortals..)

IMG_1621Pic from River Island………..£45.00. WTF! ^(*$%%^%$!

Definitely would need to see, feel and touch to confirm one could stand in the same room/house/large municipal building as a naked flame…

Laters, Kate x