Wearing a pair of knock-out shoes is like delivering an ironic joke with perfect rumpled nonchalance; If you’ve gone out in a sack, they’ll still make your outfit.


So it’s been a bit of a joy to discover Miss L Fire (with bases in both the UK and US) and it’s heady mixture of new and found..ac5dbb5a05c9725dee1dad58f67c3d70 b655e2bdb3309d7798659149398de527

Bright and compelling, silly but sharp they’re a pop pickers party bag.


Designed with retro in mind, they’re not slavish reproductions but vintage with a twist.

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And very happy to burn rubber with a pink tongue to poke out at unbelievers. 1c37b8a743941ff4684f02f42ac116d6

I think I’m in love.  I just want to dance down the summer streets to the mellow sounds of the slapped strings of a double bass accompanied by low husky vocals to carry me home.

Laters, Kate x


  1. themayfairy

    Those blue wedges. Those blue wedges. I need them. Telling myself that they’re far more wearable than the other ones so I should get them!