Le Weekend..

IMG_0338I made the huge decision to not touch the internet for the time we were away in Brighton so this gives me the first chance to say a very BIG thank you for all my birthday wishes! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IMG_0343It was an amazing birthday..but I did take rather too many photos which has meant a massive editing session.  The weather was falling into autumn with storms, strong winds and outrageous clouds..far too much temptation for a mere mortal.

IMG_0330Rain, sun, blue, black all jumbled together.

IMG_0345 Within five minutes it would change again.

IMG_0346 IMG_0334IMG_0332 IMG_0331With reflecting water everywhere.


Was the vintage jeans shop successful?

IMG_3127I’ll tell you next post!

IMG_3098But the weekend was a true atmospheric delight!

Laters, Kate x


  1. Fashion Mayann

    You may be one year older but, thanks to your spectacular photos (ooh, the Brighton Pier … loved this place so much !), I feel much younger and I also feel a very grateful nostalgia ! xxxx

  2. Laura Lynn

    YOU have such a beautiful way of expressing yourself through your photography. It looks like a wonderful place, Brighton. It reminds me of Poirot and David Suchet and Gaskell and, well, England. Someday…

  3. vintageattitude

    Fabulous photos….I need to be there now!! Every time I see the West Pier a bit more has gone. It’s hauntingly beautiful and never fails to bring a tear to my eye. So glad you had a good time xx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      There is a ‘drama’ setting on Snapseed that is good and I like to sharpen the contrast if it is possible/works..cropping helps to focus the interest..and then just finding a good/different angle can add a freshness when taking the pics? xxx

  4. katdesigner

    Great photographs Kate, I love the weather after the rain. It is all fresh and crisp and and the joy of jumping over puddles still hasn’t left me since childhood. xx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Honeslty, it went from almost black as night..first photo..huge storm 2 mins later..to blue skies..we were meant to be going to the cinema and I knew it was going to be dark when we got out so I ran away for 5 mins just to take some of the incredible clouds.. xxx