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Stellar x

I’ll always be a louche girl:  The gentle sag of intentional volume, the shadows of creases, the unexpected appearance of skin, the visual freedom of I just don’t care.  All this was summed up by Stella McCartney’s SS18 show which managed to both embrace decadence, luxury and hit high on practicality.


Surprise partnerships look evolutionarily natural.

Tie-dye looks cool.

(All pictures Pinterest and Vogue)


Away from constrictions and restrictions it was loose lightness with a touch of fresh air.

Laters, Kate x

Rejina Pyo x


There’s a quiet freshness about Rejina Pyo’s clothes.


She says herself ‘When it comes to clothes, I prefer a subtler approach and an element of surprise’.


With that in mind she resists the temptation for disposable, seasonal pieces.


Which makes her clothes familiar yet special.


Less is more: It’s feeding into my subconscious.

Laters, Kate x

Patullo-Jo Copeland x



This wasn’t the post for today..but there’s a gremlin in my computer that won’t allow me to upload new photos – one of the burdens of working by yourself is there’s no IT department to demand help from.  The internet is also proving cranky..there’s a storm brewing outside and I’ve noticed when the air gets thick, so does the wi-fi.   And it was a Bank holiday in the UK yesterday so everything’s a bit upside down..Charlie’s school bag never made it into school and I’m convinced today is Monday…which I’ll probably be grateful for when Friday comes..


These are photos of the work of designer Jo Copeland, working under the label of Pattullo-Jo Copeland.  She worked in New York from the 1916 all the way through the major fashion decades till she closed her label in 1970 and for me, is one of fashions forgotten heroines.



She had an impeccable eye for detail and effortlessly understood the female form, knowing exactly what to exaggerate..and what to skim.  These shoulders are a sculptural delight..
45e9d0b682e261a442496a4cba57fc04and make that waist look tiny.


She proves that good design stands the test of time even when the fickle finger of fame passes on..

Laters, Kate x

Oh Joy! x


The thing I ask myself when looking at a Collection for the first time is ‘what is the intrinsic quality that makes my heart beat faster’? For Peter Pilotto AW14 it’s all wrapped up like a beautiful multi-layered present, a waterfall of ideas whose soul is dedicated to colour, texture and verve.  Pour yourself a large glass and just revel in the visual delight of a show that sings and delights at every turn.


The colour choices are unexpected..as if my daughter has reached into her dressing up box and paint box at the same time whilst wearing a blindfold..but the patterns of dominance and submission, empathy and detachment are all so smoothly integrated that they appear utterly cohesive and complete.


The colours, patterns and proportions are perfectly balanced so the right spotlight falls on the best accent to compliment the silhouette and the feeling of movement.


When the unexpected is brought together there’s a special magic – ideas that should repel instead harmonise in union. It’s true mastery and workmanship.

_ARC0262.450x675 _ARC0274.450x675 _ARC0302.450x675 _ARC0318.450x675

This coat could live in my wardrobe for decades and I’d never tire of it. That’s great design.


Or this one.  Dress it down or dress it up, it would always turn heads.

_ARC0422.450x675 _ARC0432.450x675

Oh. My. Heart….


There’s hardly time to breathe as the wonder just keeps coming…we should be suffocating under a sea of colour clash and texture overload. Except it feels refreshing, desirable and exciting.

_ARC0592.450x675 _ARC0606.450x675

(All photos from Style.com)

When I dream, these clothes are there….an now I’m off to buy a winning lottery ticket..

Laters, Kate x