Curtain Call x


If I wasn’t part of the Curvy Chick’s Club, this is where I would buy my lingerie.


At Rose Fulbright. Because I love the sense of an iron fist in a satin glove – that nostalgic, firm silhouette and structure that begs to be paired with soft, pink maribou feathers, Parisian boudoirs and exotic perfumes.


The fact that the Company is run by a 26 year old woman, Rose Fulbright-Vickers, and is manufactured in the UK with a strong ethical conscience is a further  Brucie bonus.


But it’s the up-front bra-fastenings that ‘ve really caught my eye.


I wrote a blog post back in Dec. 2013, a cry from the heart about the need for decent nightwear for big-busted beauties.  In a nutshell, I wanted to find a company that sold bra-sized nightwear that would halt my girls from rolling under my armpits at night, which didn’t involve primary coloured cotton elastane but instead celebrated a girl’s primal desire for satin, silk, bows and just a little bit of frou frou. All these years later, these bra’s are the closest lingerie I’ve seen to that dream..all they need are the appropriate sizing and a skirt on the bra to transform them into a camisole top..(and then the addition of some slinky french knickers/matching pajamas) (and a monogram please)(and all in pleasing pastels) and we’d be there..


It does seem incredible that all this time later, fashion is still ignoring boobs, despite the average UK size being 36D.  That’s a huge market waiting to be tapped.  Until things change, I’ll just have to admire the aesthetic of Rose Fulbright from afar, my nose pressed up against the candle-lit,  handblown, lust-loving glass.


Laters, Kate x



  1. motherhendiaries

    Excellent post! These are dreamy creations for the small busted. I ihave always been amazed that the very best structure is wasted on those who need so little to look fantastic. Go figure. I have a theory or two about why boobs are routinely ignored… but I’ll keep those to myself. In any case, these are beautiful indeed! My daughter, who is small busted and very retro, would suit these down to the ground! 🙂

  2. dievca

    Are you sure that she doesn’t make larger sizes? Her designs are a gentle grip of holding those larger pieces together – well. I could see them coming in the larger sizes….

  3. Claire

    Fabulous post Kate. Rose Fulbright is a brand (and a lovely lady) I really admire. Her tropical print kimonos are to die for ( I’m still lusting after one). I did a pop up shop with Rose, so if you’d like me to pass on a message just let me know. Best wishes, Claire x