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Jennifer Fisher x

Like the lights, Jennifer Fisher’s jewellery first caught the eye because of it’s soft detailing and gently rolling inspiration. Simple but substantial.

But it was her charms that really caught the eye: fun, rocking icons of joy.

They’re on the lust list for when my boat comes in.

Laters, Kate x

Made to Treasure..


Remember Loquet? 0a8c93404072affbf0dc7149f89e35ff 914da0ca8f3592c66f7b74d0dc2903fa a7b289d5d8c35e44d53a55446b265410

Well it looks like they’re going to be doing bracelets..charm bracelets.

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(All pictures Loquet and Garance Dore)

And so the heavenly lust list gets longer..

Laters, Kate x