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Toolally ho ho ho..


Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.  So says Gore Vidal.  And Mags from Toolally jewellery…

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Her pieces are handcrafted in her Yorkshire studio and designed to make maximum impact.

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They are the perfect partner if you want your clothes to simmer gently and your bling to take all the limelight.

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I never thought I’d find perspex to be so attractive again, but these blaze the line between cool retro and hot modern.


I smell a trend.

Laters, Kate x

Maria Black x


There’s something special about wearing simple jewellery in the summer months when everything becomes a little less pressured and a little more precious.


Maria Black Jewellery combines beautiful lines with artistry – she wants you to wear her pieces with individuality and freedom like a single cloud on a hot day.

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Ideas to embrace.

Laters, Kate x

Raw Talent x


Jessica Kramer is my new arthouse-slash-fully-fledged-rockstar (of the jewellery kind) and the maker/owner of Hawkhouse. She’s been a wanderer and traveller, soaking up the sights and sounds of six of the seven continents of the world before love made her drop anchor or as she says ‘Wild woman falls in love with island boy and signs up for Etsy’.  Her story and all it’s wonder is ingrained in her pieces.

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Her works are frank and forthright without the slightest glint of superficiality, just pure natural beauty shining through.

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There’s a visceral feeling of groundedness (is that a word??) straight talking and sincerity.


(All pictures Hawkhouse and Pinterest)

Designer prices? No – everything, even the uncut emeralds above are around the £40 plus shipping;  This is outside the brain boil of mainstream madness, brand and oneupmanship, here it’s honesty and integrity that take centre stage and run straight through the middle of every single piece.


Just simply inherently cool.

Laters, Kate x


Eye Fear No Evil x


Sometimes I play that game in my head where you choose the people, dead or alive (Halloween is round the corner, though pre-buried state is preferred) that you’d love to sit down with large bottles of wine and have dinner with.  The jewellery designer Solange Azagury-Partridge is definitely on the list. Self made, self taught, she looks at gems with a totally different eye. Her scary pieces cross the divide between just being brilliant Halloween bling with craft and humour to pieces you could flaunt all year round.


The heart of darkness..


The bleeding heart.


Something to scare the children.

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Or just everyone..78947133e1c61947437fdf033023bc72 3dde748a270a1e34af21d2e1422326d3 f76baaf6e12265b553acff9e616ea341

(Scare the husband with the price..)8232da3c58db7b0a85041f2ae287b817 2b2be2f5db2402360a1ba66c41a3e3f5

Need to make a point? This is the heart plucker ring..


As worn by Charlize Theron as evil Queen Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Yep. She’s that good.

Laters, Kate x

A sense of summer ..


Summer…lazy days, turquoise skies, a sense of freedom so good it can’t be legal…and all this captured in a ring…


It’s the work of Ileana Makri, a native Greek who brings the lilt of a folk song and the suggestion of a mythical tale to her work..but who’s also not afraid to explore the modern symbols of life.



There’s a wit and clarity to her work.  You want to wear it for a smokey night on the tiles..or with bare feet and sunkissed hair..

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I’ll take the sunkissed hair option every time..

Laters, Kate x

Made to Treasure..


Remember Loquet? 0a8c93404072affbf0dc7149f89e35ff 914da0ca8f3592c66f7b74d0dc2903fa a7b289d5d8c35e44d53a55446b265410

Well it looks like they’re going to be doing bracelets..charm bracelets.

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(All pictures Loquet and Garance Dore)

And so the heavenly lust list gets longer..

Laters, Kate x

Super street style x


It’s the little things that make the street style photos of fashion week so fascinating..the glint of an unusual piece of jewellery sparkling in the sun, a plait of hair coiled like a blonde horsewhip on a cashmere shoulder..or just a casual chic humour that brings an outfit together in a shower of golden sparks..


This year is the celebration of the unexpected..like a jumper dress with tights, socks and trainers..


A soft, black, leather bow..


Glasses that smile back..


Chic shearling with buckles and straps.


A piece of gold and a flash of pink.


This one is specially for Dievca..


(All pictures Style.com)

Awesome earrings and a palette of grey.

Sometimes it good to stand outside the circle.

Laters, Kate x

Jewel x


There’s a perverse delight in unearthing a bargain, and one of my best ever were these earrings from Siren London  – not that you could buy this exact earring as they were actually my mash-up of two of their pairs…but it’s still possible to emulate.


The ‘kiss’ part was from one pair, and the lips from another – the ‘kiss’ earring was a ridiculously clever design with the word being a separate part of the earring which then hung off the main stalk of the stud and looked cunningly suspended just below the earlobe.  The design meant there’s this blue-sky-thinking ability to use ANY stud earring to hang the word from. Sadly ‘kiss’ is no longer available..but ‘love’ is (tempted?) The lips were then the perfect foil to the words, but at £3.94 precisely one had to worry about their quality (having said that – I never got an allergic reaction wearing them) and how long they’d last..but now there’s a rather wonderful solution..

6de5d2fe0a75d1c37d2d200e8ffe2061As requested in the original post, there’s now a posh version available..which means treasure, longevity and rapture..


Aamaya by Priyanka also has some other rather cheeky, desirable designs..

So here’s the thought: Indulge and mix them all up..sad face on one side with ‘kiss’…(yep..still got mine..)

Heart eyes on other with ‘love’..

0949147fe635956d5f2667ee25e1c26aOh, how I laugh!

Laters, Kate x


Ace of Spades x



The new twenties inspired arrivals from Kate Spade have warmed the cockles of my magpie heart..



The rings isn’t bad either..



She’s a witty gal, Kate Spade…check out the rest of her range from some pretty cool present ideas…wish I’d thought of her site earlier…hehe!


Laters, Kate x

Into the Groove x



All around the sign of the moment appears to be the evil eye, an ancient symbol that crosses cultures and religions, always ready to ward off danger.


What I didn’t know is that different colours have different meanings..adds to the appeal..



But instead of following the jewellery sheep, maybe there’s another way to embrace the trend..

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(All pictures from pintrest)

Simple, effective…different…especially that last one..

Laters, Kate x