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Magpie x

There’s a new style of earring on the block: A marbled resin reminiscent of murano glass with hints of a bygone era. Some of the best examples can be seen in the work of Ejing Zhang, a Chinese jewellery now living in London who looks to her love of traditional calligraphy and ink painting for her inspiration. Combine the ever changing powers of resin with gold and a touch of whimsy and you have a magical combination.


(All pics Ejing Zhang and Pinterest)


Her pieces come under the title ‘fashion jewellery’ which means not stupid silly prices – think £150 and up. But if you want to try without breaking the bank, Primark have some surprisingly good pieces – but there’s definitely no gold…


Laters, Kate x

Bling x

If an Indian summer comes in the autumn, what name do you give a summer that arrives in spring…and disappears?

The gardens need the rain..but I was so looking forward to the easy living of summer dresses.

Which has been a brilliant discovery of older years and has resulted in a serious, but sensible shrinking of my wardrobe.

There’s no need to think, a dress is the perfect capsule wardrobe in itself.

All effort can go into beautiful, stand out jewellery, like all of these earrings by Finery London.

(All pics Finery London)

Fun, Sassy and succulent.  Now all we need is the sun.

Laters, Kate x

Twinkle, twinkle x


Somethings are meant to go together –  bread and butter, Kate and John, gloves..earrings. So what do you do if one goes missing?

If you’re artists Lauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell you turn them into a work of art – The Chandelier of Lost Earrings.

It’s a concept of multiple layers – the power of many, making something out of nothing, the transformative power of change.  More than 3,000 earrings were donated by people who wanted to be part of the project originally linked to St Mary’s maternity hospital in Manchester.

Along with earrings, letters and stories were attached from each donation.

(Links here)

Collectively it’s a jewel of a piece.

I’m just glad they never considered socks.

Laters, Kate x

Jewel x


There’s a perverse delight in unearthing a bargain, and one of my best ever were these earrings from Siren London  – not that you could buy this exact earring as they were actually my mash-up of two of their pairs…but it’s still possible to emulate.


The ‘kiss’ part was from one pair, and the lips from another – the ‘kiss’ earring was a ridiculously clever design with the word being a separate part of the earring which then hung off the main stalk of the stud and looked cunningly suspended just below the earlobe.  The design meant there’s this blue-sky-thinking ability to use ANY stud earring to hang the word from. Sadly ‘kiss’ is no longer available..but ‘love’ is (tempted?) The lips were then the perfect foil to the words, but at £3.94 precisely one had to worry about their quality (having said that – I never got an allergic reaction wearing them) and how long they’d last..but now there’s a rather wonderful solution..

6de5d2fe0a75d1c37d2d200e8ffe2061As requested in the original post, there’s now a posh version available..which means treasure, longevity and rapture..


Aamaya by Priyanka also has some other rather cheeky, desirable designs..

So here’s the thought: Indulge and mix them all up..sad face on one side with ‘kiss’…(yep..still got mine..)

Heart eyes on other with ‘love’..

0949147fe635956d5f2667ee25e1c26aOh, how I laugh!

Laters, Kate x


Earrings x


Do you remember these earrings from a post way back? They were as cheap as chips and came from the website Siren London – but they’ve been one of my best purchases ever, hence the follow up.


It was hard to tell from the original picture how everything fitted together for wearing – I’d wrongly assumed the words were the butterfly – but no, the earrings come in three parts – the stud, the word with holes to slide onto the stud and then the butterfly.  It was also a concern that the low price (£3.50) meant that the quality of the metal would cause problems..but I think that’s where these earrings have proved such a success..


The way they’re designed means you can use your own good quality stud earrings, then customised with the slide-on words….pure genius!  I went back and bought some additional designs as well for mixing and matching (the flowers and the claws are new) though the words remain my firm favourites.


(The new earring box is a pill box from Muji..perfect for storing all the little bits together)


I couldn’t resist this extra pair of earrings even though you can tell how badly they’ve been made by the fact that the pearl is on the same side for each earring.  Short trouser mistake. At least I only wear one earring at a time and wear something else in the other ear, like the ‘love’ design..and so far no bad ear lobe reaction..though I fear it’s only a matter of time..


But they were made to be joined with these..

So now all I need is a rather fabulous proper gold jewellery designer to run with this idea and start making proper witty versions so I can wear them forever and ever and ever..

Laters, Kate x