African heat..

imagesShoes by Burberry Porsum.

Like a moth attracted to a sweet spot I’ve been drawn towards the beauty of African print.  It has that magic touch of satisfaction where something unusual feels like it should’ve always been in my life.  I love the electric powerplays of colour… the fluid graphics..the exuberant’s a buzz that gathers and turns a piece of material into a stage..

Burberry ‘did it’ a few summers ago….

burberry-prorsum-spring-2012-rtw-printed-jacket-profile1 00170fullscreen 00210fullscreen 00220fullscreen 00250fullscreen

(Burberry Porsum summer 2012, photos courtesy of

But I think it’s time for the love affair to diffuse down the food-chain…I want to see more on the streets generally..there are legs on this baby… These photos were taken by MG Onania for Fashizblack Magazine..

African-inspired-fashion African-inspired-fashion1 African-inspired-fashion2 African-inspired-fashion3Rich, magical and aspirational.

These are of Yassive Rahal by Julien Cozzoline for Fashizblack Magazine:

tumblr_mizyc7jYAi1qd9ql4o1_r1_500-2 tumblr_mizye1Vr5g1qd9ql4o1_r1_500-1And these are from a wonderful blog: ( I don’t know the indivdiual photographers name – but if anyone does, I’m very happy to attribute)

190126_414661058570209_873358497_n 314088_409116972457951_197128285_n 311867_418559351513713_607487376_n 378255_415205461849102_747609543_n 553738_420453447990970_1447091229_n 418552_330242143678768_903790285_n

Personally I think we all need a fresh blast of African air.

Laters, Kate x