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Fairytale x

tumblr_mmu0gzmwy81s3z0dmo1_500(Photo from Tumblr)

Something happens every Season..

from lovelybylucy.com

(Photo from http://www.lovelybylucy.com)

One innocuous item magically transforms into a diamond encrusted butterfly.

from style caster.com celine slip ons(Photo from Stylecaster.com)

This year it’s the humble slip-on.

tumblr_miimezzdKG1qg9axto1_500 MOP2-300x198 MOP-300x198

All by Mother of Pearl.

Maybe not a glass slipper..

Kenzo-x-Vans-shoes-collaboration-Leopard- Vans-Classic-Slip-On_Kenzo-Leopard_Peacoat-Spectrum-Blue

Kenzo Vans partnership. 

But they’re still having a psychedelic Cinderella moment..


..and I love it.

Laters, Kate