Come to me Celine

_ON_0008.683x1024 Intuition and imagination: Celine SS14: Inventively combining shape, texture and colour.

_ON_0091.683x1024With aesthetic control.

_ON_0154.683x1024 I’m getting refrences back to the eighties: Graffiti, large shoulders and baggy jumpers.

_ON_0176.683x1024 But in a clever move, that was then.  This is now.

_ON_0211.683x1024 It’s all in the balance.

_ON_0337.683x1024Vibrant and mischievous.


The details are absorbingly laid out.  Where to look?

_ON_0699.683x1024 Peeling back the details.  Adding the eyebrows.

_ON_0944.683x1024And a clutch to die for.

_ON_0826.683x1024It couldn’t go wrong.

Laters, Kate x


  1. Fashion Mayann

    It’s definitely a change for Céline. The patterns are stunning but I like the black pieces with pops of colour even more (particularly coats # 8 and #9 !). XX

    • MasonBentley

      You clever girl..I have yet discover where the accent key is! For me it is the white/black/pale yellow combo, but I love the sense of movement and the wonderful touches like the skirts being lined in different colours. Magical xxx

  2. culturemisfit

    This is an interesting collection but I love . The design are simple but complex at the same time . Or maybe that’s just me . The colors are great . Great collection .

    • MasonBentley

      The Cara efect a step too far OK? Hope you’re not too shattered..that ol’yin look forward to something so much – but it has it’s own way of biting you in the bum xxx

      • Laura Lynn

        Oh my feet! They’re killing me. I complained about only getting 4 hours and now…? Thank you, I can barely stand after hour 3. Grrrr…I’m going to do the Cara Effect at work and see how it flies..hahaha

      • MasonBentley

        Sending a virtual food massage..and some cushions. How about taking it a step (OK. Terrible pun) further and making it a mono brow? Sure to turn heads! xxx

  3. Kalpa V

    I love Cèline’s mix of monochrome with colourful print. It is so fashion forward. Stunning show. Thank you for this post.