Slides for a Reason x


Slides/sandals with socks were objects of such disdain in my youth: Only worn by tourists from lands that fashion forgot.  But now they’re the sheep-shoe of the moment…and why not? They’re the model of languid self-possession with sleepy, knowing eyes. 433370_e1_xl-e1398248993756 It’s that edgy, loose type of cool..a button casually left undone rather than a mini skirt and teetering heels…Birks are the reigning royalty.  The ones with white soles have particular appeal..shame my feet don’t like them, but there’re plenty of other options.. 1397733663-11029200

(From here)

Some with that extra element of something to elevate them from the ordinary..


(From here)

I like the way they mix with tailored suits – poise, power, grace. And the ability to run..


(The Adidas originals JS Wing slides in black and white – from 2011, but you might find on Ebay..)

It’s what makes fashion so fascinating: That visceral force and ever changing skyline where something can be so rejected one decade makes a complete turn around the next..


But comfort and style needs embracing: I dare someone to sit next to me and tell me it isn’t true….

Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    I’m strange in that I don’t mind classic Dr. Scholl leather slides, but I (still) cannot tolerate Birkenstock slides. :/
    But, those ‘windowpane’ pants—are killer!

  2. andreannadais

    I love those trousers! Wish I could wear white without collecting every bit of food item i’d eaten throughout the day (I’m so messy sulk). x

  3. motherhendiaries

    Love my Birks (I have several pair) … also a recent convert to (don’t laugh) FitFlops, particularly for long days sightseeing on cobblestone streets. You feel not a bump of road, not so much as a hint of a blister. Brilliant. But never with socks, btw… ever. 😀

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I do love the fact that this fashion love is about all the loose, boxy clothes out there and the mo..I’m so there! Maybe this’ll be my decade and I’ll never leave it! (although I do remember thinking this about the eighties…hmmmmmm) xxx

  4. FashionD

    I see this popping up EVERYWHERE. I’m close to getting myself a pair, especially since I don’t like flip flops too much :-p

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Go try them on..see if they work for you..the moulded sole didn’t for me..but then I’m rather drawn to the addidas slides with wings, if only I could find a pair in my size! xxx

      • FashionD

        haha i most certainly will! i love how they have started to come out with different prints and materials too instead of just leather or suede!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Dr Scholls remind me of Italians on the beach…I found the wooden sole a bit heavy in the flip-flop action – prefer my Hasbeens..but I do admire anyone who’s sussed them out and worn them in.. xxx

  5. iftheshoefits

    I had a tough time breaking in a pair of Birkis – the blisters were into double figures but I’m so glad I persevered. My feet now love them and I have multiple pairs in different styles & colours.

  6. kirsty warman

    I was given a pair a few years ago, but have only worn them a few times – purely due to them being hot pink. Freaks me out, when I look down. The white, so simply, stylish and you know they will be comfortable. Kxx