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Kilims on my mind..


You can’t beat a good rug. (Except of course you can..)


They work with anything, anywhere, quietly bringing soul and drama to a room.


Traditional or modern. It doesn’t matter.


I’ve been trying to source some as runners for our main stairs and cellar stairs.  It hasn’t been easy: No runner is long enough and narrow enough to fit a complete flight, so it’s about finding combinations that work together, fit together in size….and still make the heart sing.


The pair for the cellar have just arrived, prompting a nostalgic glance back at the cellar stair’s upwards progression…from this..


To this.


The kilims still need to be fitted properly…but I think that’s best done once the floor is down (May 3) and possibly after all the furniture is down.


But it’s progress….and I love it.

Laters, Kate x

Floored x


There was no dispute over which flooring to choose for the new cellar: It’s sisal all the way.


It’s not only such a natural look with an ancient, timeless quality….


(It’s a floor covering that’s been used for centuries)


But it’s also that smell – the flooring equivalent of cedar wood – which feels so grounding and calming. Nostalgic almost.

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I have The Husband off for a much needed days holiday today…so the lucky man is coming with me to browse samples and help make a final decision.


(If he chooses right we might just squeeze in a naughty lunch somewhere.  Promises, promises..)

Laters, Kate x

Decisions, decisions…


Bitch beach shoes……when holiday sings it’s siren song, space is limited and choices are painful…


Hunter slides? because the writing across the front has me in it’s grasp, as does the sheer brilliant simplicity..and the joys of easy access are always appreciated: Sea and sand don’t always make happy bed fellows..


Or Ancient Greek jellies? Witty, fun…but a buckle?? (But what a buckle it is…)

Laters, Kate x



 From this..


To this..I finally finished it last night.  I wanted the colours to be stronger, the contrasts greater, more representative of Sam alive than as a memory – I felt I was being a bit careful, almost precious before.  Little things have been added – there’s roses in her hairband, and the red of her lips was from a picture of Kate Moss in a red see-through dress, her nose smoothed out.   But it’s all a balance – I’m now looking at her eyebrows thinking there’s a big contrast between the black of the first picture and this one.  But that could be the different light and the camera as I haven’t changed them, possibly the photo sucking in the matt density of the paint rather than the charcoal – her face also looks whiter, except it isn’t..however I can’t control the urge  to go and check all these points out…sometimes the hardest thing is knowing when to stop..

Laters, Kate x

P.S. More information about the history of this picture here.