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Elina Linardaki x

14ac478d6422ff34507e0c6aaff78ce2I didn’t go to Glastonbury this year..but if I had, I would’ve worn a pair of these beauties by Elina Linardaki. (Until it rained of course, and then they’d transform into a pair of hunter wellies, because that’s just how magical they are).


I could do with a pair today..last week it was tights and scarves..this week temperatures are set to hit 36 degrees.  London in this kind of heat is not good, we seem to specialise in the really heavy, oppressive variety that saps the very life from your bones where 36 on the thermometer feels more like 46.  It’s partly because we’re just not equipped to cope..lots of glass, no shutters, no air con, no swimming pools, just a sprinkler in the garden.  We have Prize Day at the kids school today and thank God it’s no blazers, but no doubt we will all gently boil.c0718987e7c75a226705eb58c8ad9a7f b66753c48159448472321b3647e1bbde f44f688a83742434ff9307e37bd6c3f2 172857ed0f4f0e0529d8484af577fc41

I’ll be sitting their, quietly sweating away…dreaming of leather gladiators and a beach….

Laters, Kate x