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Saw. Loved. Posted.

I was doing a bit of research into online boutiquey clothes shops when I came across the label ‘Mother of Pearl’ and their collection for AW 2013. My heart did a little flip and then a simple sigh of pure pleasure…I am a huge fan of anyone who has the ability to use multiple contrasting patterns and still create synchronising harmony whether it is for clothes or interiors…..and the combination of sports/everyday wear and lux? Perfect to a tee…look and die..

m-322-1376-39581-7nmWXPl8Xl1K m-322-1376-39580-Kq8qjzPaIrFP m-322-1376-39596-oIwf842Bi9na m-322-1376-39583-CY3KBPeIAn3T m-322-1376-39576-pmL9aZVPR1EZ m-322-1376-39598-VkiIguGkbMwJ m-322-1376-39592-2YkiJAG2FIu4 m-322-1376-39585-zt9o0nfSH6QaI wanted to find out a bit more so did a search – the creative director of the label is Maia Norman, a Californian.  Each season she looks for inspiration from a different artist – in this case it was Polly Morgan…a taxidermy specialist!..I have a secret love of taxidermy, victoriana and dusty glass domes so I was spellbound by her work..though I freely accept it is not to everyones tastes..

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All my information on Mother of Pearl was quite hard to dredge up – Google Maia’s name and all you will come up with is the fact that she was the partner for twenty years of the infamous Damien Hirst..(re-look the taxidermy)..and three children later, she left him for another man.  It wasn’t so much the amount of coverage that disturbed me – that’s to be expected – he is the most successful living artist in the world…but hey guys, there’s a bigger story here than how can she do this to him? doesn’t she know what side her bread is buttered? How can she leave him when he’s so successful?

A little bit of interest about her personality, professional identity and obvious talents wouldn’t have gone amiss…

laters, Kate x