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Haute Spot x


A new label for me, but one with pedigree: The Adam Lippes brand was launched in 2013 but the bloodline goes back much further..Adam Lippes first started work at Polo Ralph Lauren, before receiving a touch of gilding at Oscar de la Renta, where he became one of the youngest Creative Designers ever, eventually leading to the creation of his own label ADAM in 2004.


The sports lux influence is there, fused with the elegant and refined for clever, multi-functional, multi-purpose outfits..

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Comprehensive, wearable designs with enough detail to make you look beyond first impressions.

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Add in shearling and padded coats and it’s the stuff of snug bedding translated into fashion..

One to watch..

Laters, Kate x

A Pearl x


Preppy-sports-lux flavours Mother of Pearl SS15, stylishly crossing all sorts of nostalgic and modern borders with ease.

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A step away from the bold, bright prints of previous seasons there’s something effortless about this simple combination of cut and colour that quietly sings of contentment and inner confidence.

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Even when a bit of ooomph is brought to the party..


Clothes to wear around the house, at work, on a date..or just for the heck of it. ┬áMother of Pearl has found her person and knows her well – I for one, can’t look away.


Laters, Kate x