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Blue Soho x


Iridescent turquoise bricks and art-deco-style cornice are not descriptions you expect from an industrial building in the heart of London.  But the fact that the building is going to be the headquarters for Damien Hirst might explain it further…

Until you realise that Stiff and Trevillion, the architects, designed the building not knowing who would occupy it.  Maybe the address being 30 Beak Street in vibrant, creative Soho is the final piece of the puzzle.

At the base, the hand-dipped glazed bricks are a deep blue, transitioning to the lighter blue as the building reaches higher.

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It’s enough of a statement to be shortlisted for the 2019 RIBA London Awards.  And yet another reason to pay a visit to Soho.


Just wish this grim London weather would buck up…

Laters, Kate x

Saw. Loved. Posted.

I was doing a bit of research into online boutiquey clothes shops when I came across the label ‘Mother of Pearl’ and their collection for AW 2013. My heart did a little flip and then a simple sigh of pure pleasure…I am a huge fan of anyone who has the ability to use multiple contrasting patterns and still create synchronising harmony whether it is for clothes or interiors…..and the combination of sports/everyday wear and lux? Perfect to a tee…look and die..

m-322-1376-39581-7nmWXPl8Xl1K m-322-1376-39580-Kq8qjzPaIrFP m-322-1376-39596-oIwf842Bi9na m-322-1376-39583-CY3KBPeIAn3T m-322-1376-39576-pmL9aZVPR1EZ m-322-1376-39598-VkiIguGkbMwJ m-322-1376-39592-2YkiJAG2FIu4 m-322-1376-39585-zt9o0nfSH6QaI wanted to find out a bit more so did a search – the creative director of the label is Maia Norman, a Californian.  Each season she looks for inspiration from a different artist – in this case it was Polly Morgan…a taxidermy specialist!..I have a secret love of taxidermy, victoriana and dusty glass domes so I was spellbound by her work..though I freely accept it is not to everyones tastes..

Unknown-3 images-22

All my information on Mother of Pearl was quite hard to dredge up – Google Maia’s name and all you will come up with is the fact that she was the partner for twenty years of the infamous Damien Hirst..(re-look the taxidermy)..and three children later, she left him for another man.  It wasn’t so much the amount of coverage that disturbed me – that’s to be expected – he is the most successful living artist in the world…but hey guys, there’s a bigger story here than how can she do this to him? doesn’t she know what side her bread is buttered? How can she leave him when he’s so successful?

A little bit of interest about her personality, professional identity and obvious talents wouldn’t have gone amiss…

laters, Kate x